This script extends the levelling system on your DarkRP server! (Which is free by the way) It allows players to prestige once they have reached the max level on your server. This adds even more progression to your server! On top of all this, it allows you to set the prestige required to purchase items on your DarkRP server. But that's not all...

If you haven't got the leveling system:


Progressive - Adds hours of progression to your server. Keeping players playing.

HUD - The HUD changes depending on the prestige of the player. You can configure the colors of each prestige.

Easy Installation - Installation is the same one drop install as before. Easy!

Database Support - This script uses the same database module as the levelling script. This means it works with SQLite and MySQL without the need for a setup!

ULX Support - Allows you to set the prestige of somebody using ULX! (optional)

Restrictions - Allows you to restrict things being bought if the player is the wrong prestige

Huge Configuration - Just like the levelling system, this script has the same huge configuration script that you're used to.

Easy Installation - Installation is the same one drop install as before. Easy!

Modules - This script comes with modules that change things when people prestige (listed below). All of these can be turned on and off.


Health Module - Changes the amount of damage somebody takes depending on their prestige

Damage Module - Changes the amount of damage somebody does depending on their prestige

Gravity Module - Changes the gravity of somebody depending on their prestige (disabled by default)


DarkRP 2.5.0+

DarkRP modifcation addon (

My levelling system (4.3+)


If you have any problems SETTING UP the system, I will gladly help you. Be sure to create a support ticket before leaving negative feedback.

Check out the scripts readme:

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