INFO: That Christmas sale was the last sale of this type offered on gmodstore, due to leaking issues - Next versions shall have GModSecure implemented - Same goes for my future scripts.

Some individuals did leak RMeth, on a CHRISTMAS sale - I am not particularly mad - I am just disappointed that it happened such during a special period of time, where the script costed only a buck. Person responsible for this should feel ashamed.
I have always offered copies of my scripts for free, and always will - To the ones that can't afford to pay for the script.
If you take advantage of that - I'm sorry, but you're a terrible person. I will release further updates to my scripts, and new scripts, but they will be locked behind DRM barrier. I'm sorry.

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What it is? Features overview

RCoroner adds new and enhances current death mechanics found in DarkRP, it is aimed to raise overall interaction and roleplay experience for every single player on a server that has this addon. It has been designed around being user friendly, sexy looking and fast to use. How does it actually do those things?
Well, here's how.

  • As of update 1.1.0 you can now store bodybags in your vehicles, define your vehicle model in config and try it! Retrieve it with /getbodybag
  • All GUI elements are scaled with your resolution, even fonts! Everything should be the same for every single player! (Changing resolution in game requires reconnection)
  • Players won't drop money entity out of their magical pockets anymore - bodies are required to be looted first.
  • By investigating the body you can determine very useful facts, at the moment the conclusions are following: Determine the type of death (shot, crushed, drowned, fall damage, unknown), if player was shot, then a line would appear that would give away the angle the shot has been fired from, and attackers position. You can collect their IDs (ID system will be revamped), which will give away victim's name. You can also determine if the body has been moved or not. Oh, did I mention that you can determine bullet type that is in the body? Well, more to come with next updates!
  • Bodies are now moveable! Have you ever planned your perfect murder, but you couldn't pickup the body? Well don't worry, now you can!
  • Bodybags, jobs defined in the config can bodybag and inspect bodies. Want only cops to be able to do that? No problem! Want to make a Coroner job and make police call one? You're free to make that!
  • Does your map have a hospital with morgue in it? Nothing to do with it? Well, you can now define morgue so your Coroners can sell the bodybags there.
  • Worried about server performance? Default death functionality will occur if there is no job able to bodybag the bodies! (Meaning there will no custom body staying behind on death), bodies also disappear after 20 minutes!

investigation system

Config options

You can modify the following options:

  • Is bodybag a ragdoll or prop?
  • Bodybags model
  • Teams allowed to inspect and bodybag the bodies
  • Reward for returning the bodybag
  • Amount of money dropped on death (Formula: money dropped - bodybag reward)



  1. Download font used by RCoroner and add it to your FastDL so players can see the script the way it was meant to be. Install the borda light one.
  2. Drop the rcoroner folder into addons folder
  3. Configure sv and cl file
  4. Disable money drop in darkrpmodification
  5. Done, have fun!

    Incompatible addons

    It is made for DarkRP
    RCoroner spawns its own ragdoll with custom properties put on so the whole script knows players what can investigate and what not. It means that any ragdoll created outside of my system will not work.
    There is one known incompatibility issue:

    • Blood and Gore Overhaul 4 - Two bodies get spawned, one normal one from BDO
      Almost certain compatibility issues:
      Any addon that upon death spawns its own ragdoll, eg: corpse systems, defibrillator systems
      Those issues should be easy to fix for their script developers, me myself I will release several DLCs
      that will expand the script with additional functionality, alongside with free updates.

Future ideas for updates:

  • More investigation options
  • Take ID from the body
  • Last bodypart hit, visible on the body upon inspection
  • Move config files to one file
  • Collecting evidence, which would improve your Coroner rating
  • Collecting DNA if the killer was very close
  • When bodybaging, allow the Coroner to leave a note on it
  • Possibly taking fresh bodies and selling them (for internal organs) to black market

Special thanks

A big thank you to Kubov for banners and text graphic, alongside with testing and feedback!
Another thank you to Azot, for feedback and


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