Syndicate RPG Credit Shop

Syndicate RPG credit shop is the ideal way to monetize your SyndicateRPG server. It allows players to donate to your server for a reward without making the gamemode pay-to-win. You can also sell items directly if you really want to.

If you do not own the base gamemode, you can buy it here:
Syndicate RPG

The script adds an button to the players HUD. Once they press the button, the credit shop will show and they'll be able to donate to your server!

This system is a layer between your donation system and the player (meaning you still need one). All are compatible (console command support). I recommend Prometheus. Free ones will work also. If you do not have a donation system, all purchasers will be given VXDonation for free if needed

Credit Items:

Credit items


Default items: The system comes with 21 items for your players to buy, allowing them to do things that regular players can't. This is an incentive to donate.

F4 menu: Active items are shown on the players F4 menu and on the HUD

Tradable items: Credit items are just normal items that can be used, meaning once they have been put into the inventory, they can be traded with other players

Beautiful, easy to use GUI: - Including brand new icons!


  1. Drag the 'syndicatecreditshop' folder into your addons folder.
  2. Add the credit items to your donation system (25/50/100 packs) and run ManolisPopcornGiveCredits steamid64 amount when they purchase
  3. Done!
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