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Owner coltion purchased commented 7 months ago

Come try out our server! Its reliable!

Rager.usd commented 1 year ago
-snip- (comment removed)
ng-vrondakis author commented 1 year ago

Not really, it uses gui derived from the gamemode

Rager.usd commented 1 year ago

Weird question but can I use it as a normal shop tbh if I change functions?

Marine commented 1 year ago

15 dollar dlc is nothing you could make a 15 dollars on one donation skids cry

why so childish?
i bought his gamemode and i am totally happy with it.
he help 24/7 if help is needed. and srsly i will buy this DLC aswell just to support his awesome work.

and yes Commander your gamemode sucks, and this advert in your comment is more then stupid xD but hey, nice try.

ng-vrondakis author commented 1 year ago

I'm talking to you right now and you already made a ticket, why comment

hydrocut purchased commented 1 year ago

ManolisPopcornGiveCredits steamid64 amount The command does not work

Of course with the steamid and amount but it does not give me anything in play

Hmmmmmmmm ever heard of GangWarsRP, long time no see glad to see you made some use of that gamemode, could've atleast renamed the items.

ng-vrondakis author commented 1 year ago

Doesn't answer my question

I'm not one for arguing over SF comments, but to answer your question, Yes I have.

ng-vrondakis author commented 1 year ago

Where are you getting 'missing some well wanted/needed features' from? Have you even played?

No matter if his gamemode looks "Cool" or not, His gamemode is still missing some well wanted/needed features for it to even be done. The fact that he made an expensive DLC and even went to the lengths of not doing shit for the gamemode for ages amount of time then gets free time and instantly works on "DLC" rather then the core gamemode itself just shows he's in it more for the money then providing a good script for the customers.

But commander his game mode actually looks cool unlike your "underdone" shit.

Koyou purchased commented 1 year ago

why did you make dlc ?
you have a already expensive gamemode.

Ben commented 1 year ago

If I buy three DLCS can I have my EA account back? k thx.

ng-vrondakis author commented 1 year ago

Pls don't advertise ur script on my script k

Holy shit, the most expensive gamemode on script fodder with DLC now.
This should be part of the gamemode it's self in my opinion.
I would never release some DLC like this for Underdone.

ng-vrondakis author commented 1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback :))

Alpha commented 1 year ago

It's not that people can't afford it it's you're making your game mode rare with makes people not play it why do you think darkrp is so popular cause there are so many servers on it you telling people that they are poor doesn't help either we are simply giving you feedback from a buyers point of view

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