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Workshop Material Pack

GlorifiedMap · all within your reach

GlorifiedMap is a lightweight Point of Interest addon designed to benefit your server while making you feel as if you are using the map in Grand Theft Auto due to its similar characteristics. This addon is designed to fit all gamemodes and is configurable to the core!


  • Easy configuration
  • MySQL compatibility
  • Supports any map and any gamemode
  • A fully featured Point of Interest system
    • Customizable using config file
    • In-game toggle for drawing the POIs
    • Anybody has the ability to create private POIs, privileged players may create public POIs
    • Custom POIs are stored with SQLite or MySQL (supports both mysqloo and tmysql4)
  • Navigation system with direction marker on HUD (customizable model)
  • WASD and cursor movement system
    • Both QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard support
  • Nice feeling scroll feature to zoom in and out of the map
  • Map shortcut on the context menu
  • Filter panel on the left of the map to make your map experience as good as possible
  • Both zoom with your mouse or slider on the panel
  • Entity visibility whitelist to prevent abuse
  • Administration privileges
  • Extremely lightweight with amazing optimisation
  • Drag & Drop installation

Video Demonstration

Click here to view a video demonstration of the plugin.


Click here for a video tutorial on how to add a custom point of interest.
Click here to view the default configuration.
Click here for the Workshop material pack.
Click here for the default POI material list. (Path: "glorifiedmap/mapicon/HERE.png")


For suggestions and/or bug reports, use the ticket system on GmodStore.

Make sure to post a review, it would mean a lot to us. Thanks.


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