Version 1.7.2 Released 3 months ago
  • fixed configurer config sql error
Version 1.7.1 Released 5 months ago
  • experimental: dHeists waypoint support
  • supports runtime changing POI labels
Version 1.7 Released 5 months ago
  • draw map coord in left bottom corner
  • fixed player disappearing after map has been opened
  • render POI label next to its icon on the map (configurable)
Version 1.6.2 Released 10 months ago
  • fixed key bind
Version 1.6.1 Released 11 months ago
  • fixed conflict with pLogs
Version 1.6 BETA Released 11 months ago


  • included tablet background skin
  • improved legend render
  • fixed mysqlite config file overwriting darkrp's one
    • if you're running darkrp (or derived), use the mysqlite config file in your darkrpmodification addon
  • don't draw player's physgun shadow on the map
  • included statistics tracker
  • misc code improvements
Version 1.5.1 Released 1 year ago
  • fixed the major entity bug
  • fixed the keyboard AZERTY/QWERTY issue
  • added support for mysql (very wip)
  • added numerous new filters
  • added more configuration options
  • complete panel redesign
  • redesigned the map legend
Version 1.4.1 Released 1 year ago
  • added nice derma layout
  • fixed numerous minor bugs such as zooming
  • minor config changes
Version 1.4 Released 1 year ago
  • fixed zooming system
  • fixed mouse issues
  • fixed azerty mapping
  • fixed render issues
  • fixed whitelist/blacklist system
  • added workshop system instead of fastdl
  • added permissions system
  • added notification system
  • removed useless prints
  • changed config file
Version 1.3.1 Released 1 year ago
  • added xy grid lines to mark center on the map panel
  • implemented maximum zoom level per map
  • fixed navigation pin toggle
Version 1.3 Released 1 year ago
  • updated documentation
  • added azerty keyboard support
  • implemented hooks for developers to manipulate certain behaviour (see readme)
  • implemented team and usergroup whitelists to control who can toggle the map panel
  • fixed drawing other player's shadow when the player itself is invisible
  • implemented entity visibility whitelist with defaults
  • improved POI drawing
  • added an option to disable drawing POIs
  • added CAMI privilege to manage who can open the map panel (works with ULX, ServerGuard, etc.)
  • uploaded default POI icons to the Workshop
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