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Mr. Unknown purchased commented 4 weeks ago

Make a Zombie Survival Support

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 2 months ago

With ULX you can have specific groups have access to voting for the power rounds(If voting is on) and accessing to the round forcing panel. Currently with SG it will just let everyone vote and admins to access the forcing panel.

Sensei Hiraku purchased commented 2 months ago

In the features List is ULX support listed, and I wanted to know if Serverguard too ;D

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 2 months ago

@Sensei Hiraku For what exactly?

Sensei Hiraku purchased commented 2 months ago

Serverguard Support?

Ok, thanks. The overwritten code only allows props to pick up the magnum (weapon_357) and to use the first person camera mode, so I doubt that it will break Power Rounds.

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 5 months ago

No it doesn't overwrite any files. It should work fine unless you have made big changes to core files and to how the gamemode works. It mostly uses hooks, but in some cases function "tap-ins".

Hey, I have a custom addon (coded it myself, so it probably isn't done in the best way) that overwrites the Prop Hunt gamemode files. Will that cause an issue with Power Rounds (i.e. Does Power Rounds overwrite the gamemode files)?

Senip purchased commented 1 year ago

I have the most updated but i'll change the Boolean setting.

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 1 year ago

@Senip You might have not updated the round code in the config file then, on ShuffleDM you can't even damage someone that isn't on your team. In either case adding BlockKarma = true, to a round blocks karma.

Senip purchased commented 1 year ago

Also the shuffle DM gets the innocents banned from time to time because karma still in play on the PR round.

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 1 year ago

Top left says "This is PR round"

aFullmetalTaco purchased commented 1 year ago

Someone on my server suggested to have a message printed on the screen that stays on the screen until the round is over, letting people know it is in fact a power round. I think it would be useful. I get people all the time very confused about what's going on. Gamemode; TTT

Senip purchased commented 1 year ago

I personally love this addon. But I do my my constructive criticism. The only thing I personally have an issue with is. Shuffle DM, It's more leaning towards the Traitors because Innocents have to shoot every one where the T's know who's the T and who's not. TDM where it's T vs D is awesome because you know who's D and who's T which is even for both teams where Shuffle is Innocents are forces to shoot every one. Also adding in another round like desert eagle only would be a great new feature. Just like the knife only round instead of the knife it's a desert eagle.

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 1 year ago

@Doctor Who There is an admin menu for forcing specific rounds, config is done in the config file.

Doctor Who purchased commented 1 year ago

Is there no admin menu ?
so you can config the Addon in game aswell ?

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 1 year ago

@Berserk❤️ Yeah, it is an oversight on my part where I added support for specific run amount timers, but didn't edit the removing. Hopefully I have time tomorrow to push an update.

Berserk❤ purchased commented 1 year ago


There is a small oversight for the STIMER_Num_Repeat_Name function in config file.

For example, the poweround "Cat and mice" (No bystanders get guns but the murderer gets a knife and a gun, but he only gets 2 minutes to kill everyone before the bystanders win!) of the Murder gamemode : you define a function STIMER_120_1_RoundEnd that end the round in 2 minutes. But when the round ends before that delay, you never destroy it. So, the murder kill everyone in 40 seconds. A new round starts but will end whatever happens in 80 secondes.

To fix this quickly, you can add :
ServerEnd = function(Winners, Losers)

But, I think the servir file need to be modifyed to support this automatically?

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 1 year ago

@GladiatorGaming The ones labeled as "Any", there are currently no Deathrun specific ones.

Potassium purchased commented 1 year ago

What rounds are for deathrun?

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