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Love it!
I used it on my old Murder server, and now on my new Murder server!
One of the best scripts of Garry's Mod!

jmd7231 rated

Thought I reviewed this already. Content creator is fast with support and friendly. Highly recommend this script if you want something else to add to your server to make it more fun. Also check out this guys other scripts they are worth it.

Manually assigned GroundPower - Kaan rated

Awesome :P

heyy thats pretty good

Crazy Pear rated


After using this for such a long time, i feel a review is needed.
To the developer,you did an amazing job on this, how this has grown is amazing, and im glad to have found this.
Creating new rounds is fairly easy, trial and error
must have for a server to change from its tedious daily life

OpticGavin rated

I switched to this addon after using wyozi ttt events and this is way better! It was easy to setup and works perfectly with no complaints from players. And when I contacted the author about making custom power rounds he responded immediately and he is making them for a very reasonable price. This is so far my best scriptfodder purchase =)

Kuma rated

This script worked fine since the first time I used it. Pretty easy to configurate and create your own PR.

Also I contacted with the author for getting custom PR and he responded after only a few minutes.
He got exactly what I wanted and even better!
Also he helped me to fix all errors I found.

Great script contacted about issue and he updated within 1 hour!

BassSpleen rated

Great addon to spice things up on your server. Also great support from the author (always got an answer in less than 24h).

AbsentMinded rated

Great scripts for Murder gamemode, fairly buggy in some cases but most of the time can be bypassed with a bit of tinkering within the script. Excellent and fun script for all players.

vicEPresi rated

Really good and easy to customize i love it the only thing that could make it better is a way to do free for all in TTT but i don t have a clue how you would do that...

A great script for those who play murder all the time. However i would love to see more power round options.

Smallo rated

Love the script. Players seem to enjoy it. Created about 8 new TTT modes and I add new ones every week. Dr. Newjorciks if you wanted to add me on Steam I'm happy for you to include a couple of the custom rounds in this script.

Gronnmann rated

Very good addon, all I think would make it better is making it possible to set it to run every first round of a map.

seabeds rated

Great customization and config. You can make your own rounds pretty easily. Super quick and friendly support too by the author. Highly recommend this addon.

Cian rated

Great for murder servers!, Adds a little hmph to it.

Great addon. It's well made and allows for easy customization and (provided you know how, unlike myself) allows you to create your own power rounds without too much of a hassle. On top of that, the creator has been very helpful, fair, and responsive in terms of support, as well as creating some custom rounds for me.

Bara rated

Has been worth every penny, We did have to take out slow mo cause that was more annoying that fun, and the low gravity one makes you fly if you already have the jump pack from pointshop. But the others are great, and change up the pace of the game stopping it from being to repetitive. Would love more pre coded power rounds but thats just me wanting to be lazy.

Very fun addon.

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