Version 1.8.3 Released 2 years ago
  • Support for Homicide gamemode
  • Fixed an occasional client side error
  • Fixed round timers created with STIMER or CTIMER that had limited repeat amounts not being removed
Version 1.8.2 Released 2 years ago

Not necessary if you don't use Murder gamemode

  • Small fix for Murder gamemode updated rounds with PowerRounds.EndRound didn't always end the round because of an error.

Affected files: sv_powerrounds.lua

Version 1.8.1 Released 2 years ago

Really recommended!

  • Removed a line I used in "No communication" PR for debugging that caused the round not to end.

You can just go in the config file and remove a line from the "No communication" round that looks like this:

CustomRoundEnd = true,

Version 1.8 Released 2 years ago

There are new configs! Look in the new config file they will have --[[New]] in front of them!

  • Support for Guess Who gamemode
  • Added voting system for rounds(If using ULX then permission is set with that, if not, then everyone can vote. Votingcan be done from !prmenu)
  • Added options of BlockTShop and BlockDShop for rounds
  • Implemented CustomRoundEnd in ALL of the gamemodes
  • Added a function for ending rounds manually(Mostly for when you use CustomRoundEnd) PowerRounds.EndRound (All info about it can be found in sh_powerrounds.lua line 418)
  • Added easier and cleaner way of having other hooks or timers in your round. (Info found in config file)
  • Implemented those cleaner ways in the current rounds
Version 1.71 Released 2 years ago
  • Small fix for PropHunt support
    If you don't use PropHunt then you can skip this update.
Version 1.7 Released 2 years ago
  • Added support for 5 new gamemodes
    • Original PropHunt
    • Excl's Jailbreak
    • my_hat_stinks Jailbreak
    • Arizard's Deathrun
    • Mr Gash's Deathrun
      Keep in mind I can't test everything with each gamemode, so if you find any issues, tell me!
  • Added 2 new rounds for All gamemodes (No communication and an example TDM round)
  • Fixed a slight bug if you had "Any" type rounds after normal ones
  • Added 2 functions for easier Role management in custom PowerRounds.SetRole and PowerRounds.GetRole, info about usage can be found in sh_powerrounds.lua line 325
Version 1.6 Released 2 years ago

Suggest more gamemodes here:

Version 1.5.2 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixed big bug with TTT with overwriting functions(Bugs like this are exact reason why I dislike doing overwriting of gamemode functions)

Important update

Version 1.5.1 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixed a bug with Murder
  • Small fix with Knife Battle round, if you are using the cleaned up rounds from 1.5 and use TTT, you need this.
Version 1.5 Released 2 years ago
  • Optimizations and general code cleaning
  • Added 2 TTT rounds: Disguised mode and Sudden death
  • Fixed roles that TTT assigns appearing for a split second when round starts (Finally to myself to do this)
  • Fixed a small error if you joined server while a round was going on
  • Rounds left now stays over map change so now PRs can happen for example every 2 maps
  • Added PowerRounds.NextPR value for checking if oncoming round is a PR (Info in sv_powerrounds.lua line 24)
  • Added another argument to PlayersEnd function which includes if the person was a winner
  • Added a global hook "PowerRoundEnd" which includes these values: table of the round, table of winners and table of losers
  • Added RunCondition function which you can use to block rounds from automatically happening for example on specific maps
  • Changed 2nd argument of PlayerUpdate, it's now 3rd one and 2nd is the type of update
  • Added ClientStart and ClientEnd functions
  • Slightly changed how Shuffle deathmatch works
  • Added a hard-coded fix for the text in top left being out of screen for the people that didn't change the config to fix it
Version 1.4.3 Released 3 years ago
  • Added support for TTT Damagelog disabling (They can still report after the round has ended, but not while it's going. Also the "Do you want to report?" after killed doesn't appear)
Version 1.4.2 Released 3 years ago
  • Fixed a bug with Murder TDM where if any murderer would leave the round, it would end
  • Added ragdoll removing in TTT Shuffle deathmatch
Version 1.4.1 Released 3 years ago

• Fixed a little bug in HUDPaint that would make it error in some cases
• Removed some test code from Tag [Murder] power round
• Added a new round! Shuffle DM [TTT]

Version 1.4 Released 3 years ago

• Fixed TTT TDM round showing opposite team winning
• Removed a debug print
• Added support for HUDPaint
• Added support for changing player speed in TTT
• Client now knows when a round ends (PowerRounds.CurrentPR now is false on client as well if there is no round or table if there is)
• Slight code cleanup (Relevant only to me)

Version 1.0.0 Released 4 years ago

Initial version.

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