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Your economy in a bad shape? Looking for a super fun addon? Based on a TV show called Billions, my Stock Addon allows you to invest in 12 markets with your own money or to start an investment group and return profits, or nothing, back to players who trust you with there money using the live dynamic graph. Also adding in fun mechanics like inside trading allow players to gain the upper advantage on some companies, until you get caught by the coppers!


  • Dynamic stock graph
  • Stock events (such as brexit, Trump winning the election etc)
  • Inside trading
  • 12 markets
  • Investment groups (players can run there own business)
  • Helps you gain a grip on your economy
  • Supports the usage of pointshop points & any gamemode based of DarkRP (so DarkRP , SchoolRP, MilitaryRP, StarwarsRP etc) (but support can be added for other gamemodes if requested)

How can I help control my economy with this?

The stock addon is designed to encourage players to invest there money into companies on the stock market. Obviously this means a lot of money is liable to either being used to make a large profit for players, or a massive loss. You can influence the direction of the markets which controls the value of your economy. You may ask, well how do you know players will use it much? This is where the news alerts come in, there designed to catch a players eye with an interesting catchphrase and open lets them easily open the stock market.

Dynamic graph you say?

The graph auto scales to any new values in the stock market. This means if there is a sudden large change it will squeeze all the values in the graph (its actually quite complicated!)

Investment groups? What's that?

These are groups set up by players which allow them to accept investments from players and to use there money to return big profits for both the investor and business owner. Investment group owners also have the ability to get inside information, but at risk of being caught.ligit best feature

Stock market events

Over time events happen on the stock market, such as the UK leaving the EU, a banking crises, phones catching on fire etc (all configurable in the config). A news alert pops up on the screen shortly before the market takes a turn and players can quickly invest!

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Insider trading did you say?

Investments group owners are able to get inside information by engaging with an NPC. If officers question the NPC there is a chance it will spill the beans and snitch the users.

enter image description here
Credits to freemmaann's VCMOD ELS for the flashy car!

Config from 1 market

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Lunaversity - master of Gyazo for the images on the main interface
Kanalumaddela - for the sexy banner

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