Enhanced Raiding

Having the feeling like raiding got boring and old? Well good news, this is for you.
We made raiding innovative again. Go check it out!


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Enhanced Raiding is a completely new and innovative Raiding System for DarkRP.
It's very easy to set-up and configure.
Once installed, you'll see your players having more fun raiding bases by making it much more user-friendly and autonomous. You can customize raids extremely well by more than 50 config options!


  • Supports all DarkRP derived Gamemodes
  • Very Developer/user friendly
  • Extremely configurable | 48+ Config Options!
  • Fancy HUD elements
  • Advert Raids with a fancy hud notification and / or alarm sounds (Optional)
  • Create raiding groups supporting a leader team (don't need to) which is by default allowed to raid and gang members allowed to participate.
  • Restrict raiding to specific teams / jobs
  • Raids can be configured to end in different scenarios (For example on death of the raid leader, when too far away etc.)
  • Optimized to the limits
  • Fully translatable (English and German are provided by default)
  • Integrated logging for DarkRP and FAdmin
  • No DRM
  • Much much more...

Read before buying

  • This system only supports DarkRP(-ish) derived gamemodes
  • Support is only granted via the Ticket System of GmodStore
  • Support is only in English and German language
  • No refund once it's purchased and downloaded


If you have any suggestion relating to the script's content, just tell us and we take a look at it.

Customer Care

Customer Care is very important to us, that why we want to give you the fastest and greatest support possible. Our goal is to give you a response in under 30 minutes. Please understand that this is sometimes impossible due to time zone differences.



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