Titles Store is a simple store that allows your players to buy titles with animations! This way players can spend cash while looking cool!

Detailed description:
Title Store is a permanent store that allows players to interact with it and select preset titles and animations. The titles/animations are saved through restarts meaning the players can have them forever. With an easy to use config, it makes everything simple for a server owner to set up. The addon comes with many preset animations to make everything easy for the server owner! There is also a command that allows specific ulx groups to see all the users and their titles/animations, this way the server owner can easily monitor the use of the addon


  • Only supports DarkRP
  • High levels of customization - The config allows almost all elements to be edited, this way the addon is exactly to your liking.
  • Blur design
  • NPC Store
  • Allow players to spend money
  • Sleek button animation
  • Simple yet easy to understand UI design
  • Usergroup restrictable titles/animations
  • Titles/animations are saved (Permanent)
  • Nice animations
  • Custom titles
  • Admin menu to monitor title/animations
  • Lightweight - This addon was designed to be as small and compact as possible, this means that it does not pull on your server resources.

Example of animations:
Example of animation
Example of animation
Example of animation


  • SQL support?
  • Pointshop support?
  • Any ideas, please message me about them!


  • Then contact us, through steam is probably quickest however a support ticket will work just fine aswell. The quicker the bug is fixed, the better!


  • Please take the time to review my script, both negative and positive reviews are appreciated. However contact me before giving a negative review as I'd love to resolve your issue instead!


  • I tried to allow almost everything to be configurable in some way. By doing this it allows the user to have the script as fine tuned to their liking as possible. If you find something that you think should be editable, let me know.

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