SPZones is here to prevent people from breaking NLR when a player dies it will create a sphere which will show the person a warning that he will be punished upon entering and how long until the zones disappeared. SPZones stops the annoying players who break NLR which saves the admins time and lets the player play the game instead of spending time complaining about another player not following the rules.


Video Showcase (Keep in mind new features has been added since this video)


  • Changeable zone Radius, punishment length, zone timer (How long the zone should be there before removed)
  • Choose from 3 different 3d/2d zones
  • [Optional] Notify admins through chat or console if someone has broken NLR
  • [Optional] Choose to disable zones specific places
  • [Optional] Warning zone which will warn the player before entering
  • [Optional] Disable NLR for specific jobs, ranks or steamids
  • [Optional] Disable creating zone when the player kills himself or by the world
  • [Optional] Remove zones when the player enters while arrested or spawns inside one
  • [Optional] Revenge killing can be prevented
  • Fade which increases the player's fps
  • Performance settings for more advanced server owners
  • Changeable colors and text
  • Tools for restricting zones in a specific area
  • Ulx and ServerGuard command for clearing zones
  • Multiple zones
  • Drag n drop
  • And a lot more stuff which can be found in the config


  1. Unzip spzones.zip
  2. Drag the folder "spzones" to your servers addon folder
  3. Goto spzones\lua\spzones and open spconfig.lua
  4. Configure the addon how you like

Supported Addons

  • Any custom spawn point addon
  • AWarn
  • Ulx
  • Fadmin
  • ServerGuard
  • Blogs
    Want support for another addon? Write a support ticket


Ghost will block you from Spawning props, Buying ammo/entities/shipments/cars, Changing jobs, Chatting / Using chat sounds and pressing e/use. Ghost will only happen while the player is ghosted

Push this pushes the player away from the zone when the player tries to enter. After the player got pushed he will be stopped in the air to prevent bhop boosting of the zone

Warn this will AWarn the player once he enters

Ulx jail this jails the player the moment the player enters
Ulx jail tp is the same as above but teleport the player to a set location jails him, and when the time is over he will be teleported back

The rest of the punishment are freeze, kick and ban which support ULX, FAdmin and the default system

Support / Suggestions

Support is provided through support tickets on this site
Be sure to download the newest version of the script before writing a support ticket

If you have any suggestions post a comment or support ticket thanks


The zone will fade if the player goes a set distance away (Can be configured in the config)
Fade will help on fps by only loading zones which are close to the player

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