Easily up your playercount by letting banned players play on the server!

Even though they are playing on your server, banned players cannot interact with other players in any way. Another fun positive of this addon is that you can allow players to RDM banned players.


a Requires ULX

a Other admin mods are not currently supported, due to the nature of the addon.

a Does not support gBan as it overrides all ULX bans, you can ask the author for support if you want.


a Easy config

  • a Automatically kick banned players if the server is full

  • a Toggle wether to no collide banned players

  • a Automatically set players to a job (DarkRP only)

  • a

  • a Toggle wether to automatically strip players (Also keeping them from picking up and using weapons)

  • a Automatically gag players

  • a Automatically mute playerrs

  • a Stop them from using doors or entities

  • a Block suiciding

  • a Add ranks that can be ignored, but these should be admins only.

  • a Disable gamemode HUD

  • a Draw ban reason on screen, with color and easy config:

  • a

a Ability to not allow permanently banned players on the server (Incase they are trying to flood it or something)

a Ability to easily inform players by overriding the HUD with string replacements like:

  • a

a Automatically cut players off from the server. Automatically blocking things such as console commands and net messages. Effectively not allowing them to affect the server.


Please make a support ticket for support.

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