You can get these themes for free, or you can purchase them to support me.

Lapetus is a "From the heart" project that prioritizes on giving you a way to make your Prometheus to look fantastic, eye-catching, yet easy to use and configure. All themes are custom and built from the ground up. Featuring over 700+ lines of unique styles and 400+ lines of animation. Lapetus aims at giving new life to Prometheus from cover to cover.

What do I get?

When purchasing Lapetus you get 5 themes that you can use:

  • Umbra
  • Lambent
  • Icarus
  • Caesium
  • Caesium - Nightly

Lapetus is must have for any community that wants to have their Prometheus look slick, clean, and overall gorgeous. You will find no other collection on the market with such extensive and unique content. There is no place to beat the value this collection gives you on Gmodstore or anywhere else. Lapetus is here to beat any competitor there is with it's quality and content.

This collection comes with extremely easy to use configuration files (properly now marked as style.css) that now allows you to easily change things like the background, links, text, and accents of all the themes that are included in Lapetus. This collection strives to give you an easy way to make your theme even more personal without the worry about having any knowledge of web design.


I strive to give 100% support completion, whether that is by personal help or by ticket. I try to give my best when it comes to support because I know how frustrating it can be to be ignored for days on end when you're trying to get the most out of what you bought. I try to express 0 hesitation to when it comes to a client in need. So please, open a ticket for a question or support at any time.


There are two types of folders, ones that have original names, and ones that contain _performance. The ones labeled as performance means they will eat a lot less bandwidth for you and your clients, not to mention load times. For Caesium this is different, as currently I do not support giving out unminified versions of that specific theme as it has over 5000 lines of code. When downloading Lapetus you are given multiple folders that are each theme respectively.

To install:

  • Drag desired theme into the themes folder in your Prometheus (path-to-prometheus/themes)
  • Configure style.css with the desired background and link / text colors (path-to-prometheus/themes/exampletheme/style.css)
  • Go to your admin panel -> General settings -> Menu -> Settings -> Change theme to desired theme
  • Tick the clear cache at the bottom of settings and save changes.
  • Enjoy.

If you enjoyed Lapetus please review my addon, good or bad it helps me improve the addon overtime. Thank you!


Please feel free to message me about any questions, comments, and concerns. Thank you for viewing my first genuine addon on gmodstore.

Didn't you make a free version of this already?

I did, but the free version I made (which can be found here) is very incomplete, the one listed here almost has double the content, and has a much cleaner look / aesthetic to it.

Thank you: kanalumaddela for correcting my shitty background methods.
Thank you: Material UI Kit for allowing me to use your base kit to convert prometheus into a gorgeous material design.

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