JBlacklist v2 : What's new?

  • Improved storage with MySQL and SQLite support.
  • Improved UI.
  • Added logging support.
  • Console management.
  • Ingame configuration.
  • Usergroup access configuration.
  • More premade blacklists.
  • More languages.
  • A lot more! (Read full changelog)


JBlacklist is a new unique way of administrating your Garry's Mod server. What JBlacklist allows you to do is to take away certain features that rulebreakers abuse for a selected amount of time. It works just like a ban but it won't restrict the player from completely playing on your server.

For example, if a player has killed someone using a weapon with an invalid reason you can take away weapon-access from that player. This will limit the player from using weapons until the blacklist expires.

JBlacklist is a great tool for all servers, small and big. There is NO advanced server or Lua knowledge required and there is a full documentation with instructions, etc, available to the public.

JBlacklist is also very customizable and allows you to create your own blacklist and language modules with a bit of Lua knowledge. For less advanced users there is 17 premade blacklists and 9 languages to use. New blacklist and language modules are added as the time goes.

Why JBlacklist?

  • A unique, easy and comfortable way of administrating.
  • You can hand out restrictions for more specific features instead of restricting players from joining your server.
  • It gives you more control of your players and more options on how to handle rule breakers.
  • You should notice a boost in server population because you won't have to ban as many people.

Video Preview

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Blacklist Modules

  • Weapons - Restriction from using weapons. (Premade support for DarkRP default weapons, HL2 weapons, CW 2.0, FA:S 2 and M9K)
  • Entities/Props - Restriction from spawning props, entities, etc.
  • Physics Gun - Restriction from using the Physics Gun.
  • Gravity Gun - Restriction from using the Gravity Gun.
  • Tool Gun - Restriction from using the Tool Gun.
  • Specific Tool Gun Tools - Restriction from using specific tools, such as weld and ballon. (Automatically generated based on what tools you have installed)
  • NLR - Restriction from spawning while the player has an active NLR timer.
  • Vehicles - Restriction from driving vehicles.
  • Wiremod - Restriction from using the Tool Gun to spawn any Wiremod components.
  • More to come!

  • DarkRP Jobs - Restriction from becoming specific jobs, such as Gun Dealer. (Automatically generated based on what jobs you have)
  • OOC - Restriction from using the OOC chat.
  • Buying Ammunition - Restriction from buying ammunition through the F4 menu.
  • Buying Entities - Restriction from buying entities through the F4 menu.
  • Buying Pistols - Restriction from buying pistols through the F4 menu.
  • Buying Shipments - Restriction from buying shipments through the F4 menu.
  • Advert - Restriction from using the /advert command.
  • Lockpick - Restriction from using the lockpick SWEP.
  • More to come!

  • Request Video - Restriction from adding new videos to the player queue.


User Interface

  • Easy and comfortable management of your players.
  • Clean design.
  • Language Support.
  • Separate menu for players to show details about their blacklists.
  • Ability to instantly copy useful information or visit someone's Steam profile when browsing blacklists.

Blacklisting Procedure

  • Fast and easy.
  • Ability to blacklist multiple players at once with multipe blacklist-types.
  • Ability to blacklist players through your server console.
  • Silentmode to let admins stay undercover.

Blacklist Management

  • Easy menu to browse and manage player's blacklists.
  • Ability to modify, remove and show more details about blacklists.
  • Ability to manage players blacklists through your server console.

Data Storage

  • SQLite support.
  • MySQL support.
  • Ability to sync blacklists between multiple servers using MySQL.
  • No external database or server required when using SQLite.


  • JBlacklist logs all actions taken by administrators.
  • Console logging support.
  • bLogs logging support.


  • JBlacklist let you view statistics about the addon to help you get a better understanding of your server.
  • Statistics of totally issued blacklists.
  • Statistics of totally removed blacklists.
  • Statistics of the most common blacklist.
  • Statistics of which admin that have issued the most blacklists.
  • Per player statistics lets you see a player's total blacklists and most common blacklist.


  • Easy and comfortable in-game addon configuration.
  • Ability to limit certain features to certain usergroups.
  • Some blacklist types have their own config. (Not Ingame)


  • Documentation for server owners and developers.
  • Detection for when a player's blacklist expires or is removed allows the addon to take the required actions, such as returning items that have been taken away from the player.
  • The JBlacklist setup tool guides you through the basics of setting up JBlacklist the first time you join after installing it.

Language Support

  • Almost full translation support.
  • English
  • Swedish
  • Polish (Missing some translations)
  • Portuguese (Missing some translations)
  • German (Missing some translations)
  • Dutch (Missing some translations)
  • Slovak (Missing some translations)
  • French (Missing some translations)
  • Russian (Missing some translations)
  • More to come.


  • ULX Support.
  • ServerGuard Support.


Chat Commands

  • !jblacklist - Open the admin menu.
  • !blacklists - Show your own blacklists.
  • !jblacklist_config - Open the configuration menu.

Console Commands

  • jblacklist_openadmin - Open the admin menu. (INGAME ONLY)
  • jblacklist_openoverview - Show your own blacklists. (INGAME ONLY)
  • jblacklist_config - Open the configuration menu. (INGAME ONLY)
  • jblacklist_setup - Opens the setup menu shown the first time using JBlacklist as the server owner. (INGAME ONLY)
  • jblacklist - Let's you manage JBlacklist from your server console. (SERVER ONLY)

Useful Information

Basic Users

Advanced Users




  • Take a look at the FAQ and the script documentation if you need help with anything or have any questions. If you are still seeking an answer to your question after looking through the FAQ and the script documentation, make sure to open a support ticket.

Planned Features

  • More blacklist modules.


Language Translations

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