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jBlacklist is a new way to administrate your server. What jBlacklist lets you do is that it gives you more ways of punishing people who misbehave and lets you restrict them from the features they abused for a certain time, instead of banning them. jBlacklist is easy to use because it comes with an easy to use UI and comes packed with a lot of pre-made blacklists. You can also add your own blacklists with a little bit of Lua knowledge which allows you to customize the addon to your preferences. Some blacklist-types also allow you to config how the restriction should work. It also comes with language support to make the addon more fitting for your server and players.

Why jBlacklist?

jBlacklist is a unique, easy and comfortable way of administrating. You can hand out restrictions for more specific features instead of restricting the player from joining your server. It gives you more control of your players and more options on how to handle rule breakers. You will also notice a boost in server population because you won't have to ban as many people.


Overview - 1.0.1 [Outdated]
Installation Tutorial - 1.0.1
Language Creation Tutorial - 1.0.1
Blacklist Creation Tutorial - Coming soon


  • Pre-made Blacklists
    • Entities/Props
    • Physics Gun
    • Tool Gun
    • Gravity Gun
    • NLR
    • OOC (DarkRP)
    • Vehicle Driving
    • Weapons (Premade support for DarkRP default weapons, HL2 weapons, CW 2.0, FA:S 2 and M9K)
    • DarkRP Jobs (Automatically generates from the jobs on your server)
    • Wiremod
  • UI
    • Easy management of your players.
    • Clean design.
    • Language Support.
    • Separate menu for players to show details about their blacklists.
  • Blacklisting Procedure
    • Choose multiple blacklist types at once.
    • Choose multiple targets at once.
    • Blacklist players from their SteamID or select players from a list.
    • Easy to choose the time of the blacklist.
    • Type a reason to let players know why they got blacklisted.
    • Silentmode to let admins stay undercover.
  • Blacklist Management
    • Let admins check a player's recent blacklists.
    • Manage players from their SteamID.
    • Ability to modify the time and reason of the blacklist after it has been issued.
    • Remove blacklists from players
    • Show more specific details about a blacklist.
  • Statistics
    • Show statistics of the addon in the admin menu.
    • Statistics of totally issued blacklists.
    • Statistics of totally removed blacklists.
    • Statistics of the most common blacklist.
    • Statistics of which admin that have issued the most blacklists.
  • Configuration
    • Config the addon with a config file.
    • Some blacklist types have their own config.
  • Language Support
    • Almost full translation support.
    • English
    • Swedish
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Dutch
    • Slovak
    • More to come.
  • Compatibility
    • jBlacklist does not require any 3rd party admin system, but should be compatible with most admin systems.
    • ULX Support.
    • ServerGuard Support.


!jblacklist - Open the adminmenu.
!blacklists - Show your own blacklists.


  1. Buy and download the script from GmodStore.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zipfile using a unzipper like WinRAR.
  3. Drag the jblacklist folder containing the lua folder to your server's addon directory.

    • Config the addon in the jblacklist/lua/jblacklist/sh_config.lua.
    • Blacklist configs can be changed in the jblacklist/lua/jblacklist/blacklists/sh_blacklistype.lua files.
    • Custom blacklists are made in the jblacklist/lua/jblacklist/blacklists folder.
    • Custom languages are made in the jblacklist/lua/jblacklist/languages folder.

Planned Features

  • MySQL Support.
  • Replace current storage of blacklists with SQLite.
  • Replace usernames-storing with Steam API.
  • Console management of blacklists.
  • Ingame config.
  • Automatic detection of configuration for some blacklists.
  • More blacklist types.
  • Write a documentation.
  • Blacklist creation tool.
  • A lot more..


Q: Can you create custom blacklist types for me?
A: As long as the demand isn't too high and as long as I have time, sure.

Q: I would like to contribute with more languages, can I do that?
A: Of course. Be sure to contact me over GmodStore and we will look into it. (Language contributors will get a free copy of the addon)

Q: I'm having scripterrors, what should I do?
A: Create a support ticket and tell us how you created the error, following the error message. We will have it fixed as soon as possible..

Q: I don't know how to config the addon, can you help me?
A: Sure, as long as the demand isn't too high and I have time. Create a support ticket and I will try to help you out.

Q: Does this addon support all gamemodes?
A: It's not tested on all gamemodes, but should work on most gamemodes.

Support & Suggestions

  • If you have any questions make sure to make a support ticket and I will answer as soon as possible.
  • All suggestions can be made here.

For leakers and people using leaks

For leakers: I have recently noticed leaks of jBlacklist starting to pop up in various places. I would like to inform you that redistributing this script which is copyrighted by law is an illegal act in most countries. I regularly check for any leaks of jBlacklist and always take the required actions to ensure justice. This may lead to anything like your filehost account, Gmodstore account, Paypal account or any other account connected to you leaking the script, being locked, restricted or even removed. The download will be taken down and your copy of jBlacklist will be revoked without any chances of getting a refund.

For people using leaks: Using a leaked copy of the addon is setting your server at a huge risk. Many people leaking have more intentions than sharing and may therefore add, replace or remove code from the addon to cause damage to your server. You may also be missing important updates which may include new features, bug fixes or even exploit fixes. This will set your server at an even bigger risk when using a leaked copy of the addon. You will also be missing out getting support for the addon and you are therefore all on your own. Finally, using a leaked version of the addon may get your Gmodstore account banned and therefore restricted.


  • Cyron | Finding bugs, taking screenshots, creating trailer and helping me with support tickets.
  • Spai | Helping me with various questions.
  • Nockich | Helping me with various questions.
  • Bambo | Creating the banner for me.

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