WARNING: I will not provide any support for this script. Read more here

A complete re-skin for the popular donation system, Prometheus. The layout remains globally the same due to compatibility concerns but a new, unique layout is not out of the question.

Due to the nature of the script there are not really much features to speak of; what you see is what you get.

At the moment there is no option to easily change the theme's color. However both the un-minified (coder-friendly) and the minified (bandwidth-friendly) versions of the theme are provided to allow for editing.


First make sure you actually own Prometheus and have it installed. I will not help you set it up.

Drag and drop the themes folder into the root folder of your Prometheus installation. There should be a themes folder to overwrite; this is how you know it's the right place. Once this is done, navigate to your Prometheus Admin, Settings, Theme -> Lounge_mini, Save.


Change your Prometheus theme to Lounge and modify the associated .css file in themes/Lounge.

I want a feature in particular!

If you want something sur mesure, drop a message somewhere and I'll see what I can do

Special thanks to HawkServers.co for providing a test platform for the theme!

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