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This addon is designed to provide a full alcohol system, from start to finish. With the ability to make both wine and beer, you can then sell it to both an NPC or players. Players can then drink this to become intoxicated and have both visual and movement effects. If they drink too much, they can die! the police are also provided with a breathalyzer that allows them to check another players alcohol level.

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Providing everything you will need for an alcohol script, The Complete Alcohol System is an all-in-one system that allows you to make, sell and drink alcohol. Supplying features for both the government and citizens, every play can enjoy some aspect of this system in their RP!

This addon comes with three different alcohols (so far). Beer, wine and sake.
Beer is a more complex process that needs attention 24/7, but the payout is worth it!
Wine is a slow process that requires some waiting around, so get the newspaper read and kick your feet up while you wait for the process to complete.
Sake is a simpler process that both Beer brewers, vintners and citizens can do at home as it doesn't require heavy machinery.

If you want to make some quick cash, you can sell your alcohol to an NPC.

You are also able to drink both the beer and wine to increase your alcohol level, eventually giving you visual effects, and forcing your player into random movement.

The police are provided with a breathalyzer that allows them to check players alcohol levels.


  • Only supports DarkRP
  • High levels of customisation - The config allows almost all elements to be edited, this way the addon is exactly to your liking.
  • Allow players to spend money
  • Allow players to earn money
  • Wine creating process
  • Beer creating process
  • Sake creating process
  • Drinkable
  • Fun and creative processes
  • Unique
  • Breathalyzers
  • Aspects for both government and citizens.
  • Custom model
  • NPCs to be placed around the map - This forces players to leave their base and actually navigate the map.
  • Lightweight - This addon was designed to be as small and compact as possible, this means that it does not pull on your server resources.

Beer and sake making process, credit to Ben
Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Wine making process, credit to Owain
Youtube Video

Juicer, credit to The One Free-Man
Youtube Video

Fermentation Barrel, credit to The One Free-Man
Youtube Video

Distillery, credit to The One Free-Man
Youtube Video

Sacks, credit to The One Free-Man
Youtube Video

Bucket of Beer, credit to The One Free-Man
Youtube Video


  • More alcohol types? Vodka?
  • Custom breathalyzer model?


  • Then contact me, through steam is probably quickest however a support ticket will work just fine aswell. The quicker the bug is fixed, the better!


  • Please take the time to review my script, both negative and positive reviews are appreciated. However, contact me before giving a negative review as I'd love to resolve your issue instead!


  • We tried to allow almost everything to be configurable in some way. By doing this it allows the user to have the script as finely tuned to their liking as possible. If you find something that you think should be editable, let me know.

The One Free-Man - Created all the custom models used
Ben - Created the beer making process and the visuals for being drunk
Owain - Created the wine making process, alcohol framework and the breathalyzer

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