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Tired of annoying griefers and minges joining your server just to rdm and rda? Tired of constant police vote pop ups? Tired of having to deal with police who claim "I didn't know that was against the rules"? Well look no further. This addon will filter out dedicated players from people just looking to cause trouble. You can make the test as short and easy, or as hard and long as you want. This addon ultimately removes the purpose of having players vote on who can and cannot become CP (optional of course), which removes an annoying and intrusive part of DarkRP. There is an in-game vgui admin panel where you can edit the test questions which take effect immediately, no restart required! (question data will be saved on restart).


  • Requires DarkRP
  • Very customizable
  • In game test editing through an admin panel (you can edit the question json data directly as well, located in garrysmod/data/cptest/questions.txt)
  • Simple UI, clean and concise
  • Any type of question, true or false, multiple choice
  • Admin console command features:
    1. Set the position and automatically save the position of the npc (spawns at the same position on server startup)
    2. Reset the test cooldown of someone who has failed the test
    3. Directly change whether a person has pass or failed the test (White listing a person without them taking the test, or making a person have to retake the test if they've passed it in the already)
    4. Open the admin panel

I Found a Bug!

  • Submit a bug report
  • PM me here
  • Add me on steam (leave a message on my profile saying you are from gmodstore or a customer)

Planned Features

  • Language support (French on the way)
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