!cake Anti-Cheat is a state of the art anticheat for Garry's Mod that will stop the majority of public lua-based hacks.

And it's super easy to install!

This addon is in beta because it has a few unimplemented UI features. But it will find cheaters and it will kick / ban them.


Leave a comment here or open a support ticket.

Data Collection

!cake Anti-Cheat may collect some data about your server depending on your settings.
You can email cakenotfound to request a copy of data stored about your server or if you want the data to be deleted.

Lua Exploit Scanner

If you opt-in to the lua scanning service from the menu, your server will send reports of net receivers, console commands and hooks to a web server for analysis.
Reports include file paths, line numbers and relevant fragments of source code. Full source files are not sent.

Server file leaker tracker

If you do not opt-out of this service from the user whitelist settings menu, your server will periodically send reports of the Steam IDs of connected players to a web server.
If a leak of your clientside server files occurs, your player list will be intersected with those of other servers affected to determine the user responsible.


2017-07-10 Updated for the 2017-07-10 Garry's Mod update.
2017-07-10 Added spicy memes.
2017-06-26 Updated for the 2017-06-26 Garry's Mod update.
2017-04-14 Fixed files with long paths failing to whitelist properly.
2017-02-04 Fixed false positives from PAC3.
2016-12-09 Fixed false positives from previous update.
2016-12-07 Updated for the 2016-10-29 Garry's Mod update.
2016-12-07 Updated LibK accelerator.
2016-12-07 Fixed some spurious timeouts.
2016-10-11 Fixed spurious timeouts when other addons cause networking errors right after the player connects.
2016-10-11 Fixed some uncommon errors.
2016-10-11 Updated for the 2016-10-09 Garry's Mod update.
2016-05-21 Removed resource mismatch check because it's been redundant for a few months.
2016-04-28 Fixed timeout accounting.
2016-04-28 Updated for the 2016-04-24 Garry's Mod update.
2016-03-31 Updated for the 2016-03-30 Garry's Mod update.
2016-02-22 Updated for the 2016-02-23 Garry's Mod update.
2016-02-22 Updated for the 2016-02-22 Garry's Mod update.
2016-02-06 Fixed join network traffic regression from last update.
2016-02-03 Updated for the 2016-02-03 Garry's Mod update.
2016-02-02 Updated for the 2016-02-02 Garry's Mod update.
2016-01-19 Updated for the 2016-01-18 Garry's Mod update.
2016-01-19 Fixed timeout detector misfiring on overloaded servers.
2016-01-19 Raised timeout intervals to 4 minutes.
2016-01-19 Improved performance of initial hook and concommand verification checks by ~50%.
2015-12-16 Updated for the 2015-12-16 Garry's Mod update.
2015-12-13 Fixed some more bugs.
2015-12-13 Raised timeout durations.
2015-12-12 Fixed the bug introduced in today's update.
2015-12-12 Added an item to the ULX menu to open the AC menu.
2015-12-12 Bug fixes.
2015-11-22 Minor bug fixes and robustness improvements.
2015-09-13 Updated for the 2015-09-13 Garry's Mod update.
2015-09-11 Updated for the 2015-09-11 Garry's Mod update.
2015-08-20 Updated for the 2015-08-12 Garry's Mod update.
2015-07-29 Fixed error in exploitscanner/luasnapshotentry.lua.
2015-07-28 Reduced PointShop player connection network traffic.
2015-07-28 Added settings page to disable specific checks.
2015-06-01 Fixed compatibility with 2015-06-01 Garry's Mod update.
2015-05-30 Disabled anti-screenshot detection.
2015-05-30 Fixed bugs with a few ban systems.
2015-05-29 Fixed an unlikely whitelisting bug with workshop addon updates.
2015-05-29 Fixed a bug with the anti-screenshot detector.
2015-05-16 Fixed user whitelist errors due to bug in ULib group system / Vermilion 2 group system.
2015-05-16 Reduced ARCBank player connection network traffic by ~64 KiB.
2015-05-16 Reduced GLib / LibK player connection network traffic by ~128 KiB.
2015-05-16 Added Vermilion 2 ban and group system support.
2015-05-16 Added Clockwork ban system support.
2015-05-16 Fixed false positives caused by lua whitelist not correctly processing gamemodes/ folders within addons.
2015-05-16 Changed admin menu to only load when first invoked.
2015-05-16 Fixed bug in default ban system.
2015-04-20 Improved debug mode net traffic logging messages.
2015-04-20 Prevented anticheat menu code from being reported to the server.
2015-04-20 Cut down on player join net traffic (about -64 KiB).
2015-04-13 Improved performance with certain addons, such as Zones and SimpleWeather.


  • Easy to install.
  • Auto-adapts to your server.
  • No config files or adaptation periods. Your server is secure the moment you install.
  • Notifies admins when a player is about to be kicked or banned.
  • Sleek UI
  • Compatible with ULX ban system and many others [full list]


  • You can bring up the UI by typing !cac_menu in chat or binding a key to +cac_menu.
  • Per-player logs are saved only when a player is suspicious (see README.txt inside addon for details on where to obtain logs)
  • Hovering over the red detection text in the Incidents view will cause more information to be shown in a tooltip.


  • Copy the folder inside the .zip file into addons/ on your server.
  • Do not (re)install while your server is up and running with players
  • Ensure that you do a mapchange or server restart after installing the AC


20:20 - Lenny.: wow cake..
20:20 - Lenny.: you did well

21:56 - O‎t‎t: let's see if he can detect my cheats
21:58 - O‎t‎t is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
21:58 - O‎t‎t: yup

22:02 - ;Meepen: hacker

22:05 - Leystryku: exactly what I expected

ShitFucks: Cake Anti Cheat. Fucker detects even my C++ hax [link]

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