The Forgery Office

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Optimized and thought for DarkRP servers and players interactions

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  • Static camera to take pictures
  • Nice UI
  • Printer, Fabricator, Craft table and some nice objects to follow the recipes
  • Fake papers system that allows custom names (fake)
  • Friendly config and "API" for developpers
  • Optimized
  • Multi language

Text instructions:

  • To make profile picture : You have to use the camera and take a picture of someone, after that use the printer.
  • To make quality ink/paper/seal etc.. you have to use the fabricator
  • To make fake paper/documents/shipments use the crafttable and follow the components instructions
  • To find custom items like Harvard's Seal: use the desk and the darknet network to get these items
  • To find sell positions ask the darknet

Admin configuration:

  • Follow the instructions in tfo/sh_config.lua
  • To set correct sell/supplier coords, use the TFO admin weapons and put the right informations (same as the examples)

Content pack:


  • /getrpname Player Name : if the player uses falsified identity papers, it gives his real name.

Next update

  • Quality (amount of photographs taken)
  • New kind of shipments (paint, art..)


Credits :

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french. Don't hesitate to report misspelling!




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