TLDR; This is not a gamemode, this is for a free gamemode. This script adds some cool extra features I've made for the gamemode itself.

This addon is for the new gamemode Last Prop Standing, LPS is a twist on the popular game mode Prop Hunt. The main difference is that when there's only one prop left alive said prop will become very visible, loud and will get a gun. The hunters will have 60 seconds to catch the prop. The prop can choose to run and wait out the timer or hunt the hunters. This game mode was based off of the original Prop Hunt and Fretta code, but is now built from the ground up with a lot of improvements over the original code.

I've made these extra modules to to add more functionality to the gamemode and give users a way to support the development of the gamemode and get some cool things with it!

Last prop standing is free and has a ton of cool features, it can be downloaded here.


This module shows helpfull tips to new players, its toggleable in the !settings menu under the visuals tab.


Lucky Blocks:

This module adds luckyblocks to the game, a lucky block will give you a random perk or punishment once opened up, the luckyblocks are a rare occurrence, by default there's a 10% chance of a luckyblock droping when a prop is broken.


Prop Dial:

This module adds a prop dial to show the angle the prop is currently in, its toggleable in the !settings menu under the visuals tab.


PiP (Picture in Picture):

This module allowes you view your fellow props in a pip screen! Press [?] to toggle the pip screen and [<] and [>] to change targets.


Voice Icons:

This module replaces the default yellow voice icons in garrys mod and doesn't give away the props position to the hunters.


Button Masher:

This module is a minigame for the hunters while they are blind, the minigame objective is press the button that displays on the screen, for each correct button press you get a point, and you loose a point when you press the wrong button.



This module is a minigame for the hunters while they are blind, its the classic snake game.



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