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gElo is a advanced ranking system for TTT that brings a whole lot more to do for your players. The ranking system has 27 included ranks that your players can gain by completing their promotional series, how do you get to your promotional series you may ask, well. To get to your promotional series you have to have at least 100 Ranking Points, Ranking Points will be referred to as RP from now on. To get RP you need to win rounds and how much RP you gain from that one round is highly dependant on how well you play during that round, a lot is taken into consideration when calculation your RP for that round. Promotional series, RP, etc may be difficult to understand to you or your players, but do not worry, the script comes with an in-game help manual which you or your users can read, the user manual has an in depth description of each element.

Pronunciation: g-Elo


Well, you start of at the bottom of the ocean, Bronze 5, and by winning rounds you will gain RP. To get to your promotional series you need 100 RP, if you win 2 games while you're in your promotional series then you will be promoted! However, if you lose 2 games while being in your promotional series then you'll fail them and you won't get a promotion and we'll take 25 RP from you as a punishment.

The script has also been tested on a decently(16-24 AVG) populated server this whole time and it causes literally no lag, no issues and the players love it!


The script comes with a gorgeous Leaderboard for you and your players to look at that'll tell you your current position on the ladder and who ever is at the top. The Leaderboard also holds nifty information such as their Rank, Elo, Kills, Wins, etc.


The script comes with a gorgeous Match History that stores the matches you've played. The match history also holds nifty information that happened during the round such as, how long the round took to complete, how much RP you gained/lost, how many kills, and whole lot more.


PLAYER:gEloGetPlayerRank() -- Returns the players rank.
PLAYER:gEloGetPlayerElo() -- Returns the players elo.
PLAYER:gEloGetPlayerDivision() -- Returns the players division.
PLAYER:gEloGetPlayerRP() -- Returns the players Rank Points.


Menu Showcase
Promotion Showcase


  • A Gorgeous User Interface
  • Leaderboards
  • Match History
  • User Friendly
  • User Stats
  • Settings Interface
  • Multi-Language Friendly
  • In-game User Manual

Theres too much to mention here, just look at the video or images!

A list of supported languages:

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish


Drop into addons folder.

Open the menu by pressing G by default or typing !gelo in the chat.


Servers that use this script that I approve of:
GERMAN SERVER: Schwitzers: - Connect Here


This script uses BSHADOWS by Code Blue; Check out his scripts

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