• Custom models, ( Barries, PC, Lockdown Alarms, Lockdown Button )
  • Lots of configuration options.
  • Mayor and Police menu, jobs all configurable.
  • Police Department barries, configurable jobs can open and close them.
  • Lockdown button with animations, when pressed alarms around the map flash and make sounds.
  • Bail menu for those who have been arrested, customizable command.
  • Has been setup already for you on a few maps.
  • Windows 11.
  • Easy to use UI.


Changes today/after video:

  • Close button added on the PC, instead of default derma close button.
  • Fake login screen added when computer is used.


  • Menu fully customizable.
  • Barrier jobs customizable.
  • Police and Mayor jobs customizable.
  • Bail menu customizable.
  • Spawn locations customizable, will help if needed.


  • If you want the bail menu and ezgovernment then download and open the .zip, when opened drag and drop the ezbail and ezgovernment folders into your addons.
  • To configure the ezgovernment go to ezgovernment/lua/autorun/ezg_config.lua
  • To configure bail go to ezbail/lua/autorun/config.lua
  • Download options available in EZGovernment - WorkshopDL and FastDL.
  • Read the README.TXT for video tutorial on how to setup maps.

  • Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188068945

Map Configuration

Current maps with spawnpoints already done:

  • rp-downtown-v4c
  • rp-downtown-v4c-v2
  • rp-downtown-v4c-v4
  • rp-downtown-v5 - Lockdown alarms setup, not buttons, PC, or barriers, ( couldn't find the PD ).
  • rp-evocity-v33x - Lockdown alarms setup, not buttons, PC, or barriers.

Hey there! Do you want the spawn locations to be customized on a map, and you're feeling a bit lazy to do it? Well you're reading the right place, I will happily do all the locations for you, only for £0.

I will help with any maps, I will do them no matter what, and will make sure they're all setup/working properly.


If you need support or help when you have purchased the script PLEASE make a support ticket OR add me on Steam.

If you want something new added when you have purchased the script I will definitely add it, or if you want something changed I will definitely help change that for you. I will try and answer all questions as soon as possible.

Bugs will be fixed on/day after being reported!
This has been tested on a live server, and all bugs that were noticeable were fixed/changed!

If I don't reply to a ticket within 24 hours please bump the ticket/add me on Steam.

Servers Currently Using This Script

  • IP - - FibreRP


Yes whilst coming along for UI designs, I came along another script and liked the menu design. ( Mayor Menu )
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