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Welcome to Spin 'N' Win!

Gamemode: DarkRP

I am proud to welcome you to Spin 'N' Win.

Wheel of fortune that can be customized to your needs!

List of features:

  • Wheel of fortune model with animated textures!
  • 10 slices models:
    • Small money prize
    • Large money prize
    • 1HP
    • 1 dollar
    • Free item
    • Die
    • Nothing
    • You lost
    • Free spin
    • Jackpot
  • Templates system
  • Setup entity to ease up placing wheel
  • Sounds
  • Adding your own awards (entities) to be won
  • UI to show who is currently spinning
  • Config file to setup prizes
  • Language system
  • To be added in upcoming patches:
    • New slices (according to your suggestions and needs)
    • More developed templates system
    • And more!




Unpack into addons. If you want to config edit "lua/autorun/snw_config.lua"

Important: Go to snw_config.lua and edit your server tickrate.

To setup wheel position:

1) Spawn "DEV Spin 'N' Win base" entity from Q menu

2) Put this entity in the place you want stand to be placed

3) Use buttons to select template and to save position

4) Restart

Link to Steam Workshop files: Click here!


If you have any idea to upgrade this script:

Post a comment or write me a private message.

Easy ideas are fast to made so they may appear even in next update :)

If there is a bug?

Open support ticket i will be happy to fix the problem, or answer your questions.

Wheel Sound effect by Brand Name Audio

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