Server loyalty made easy!

SH Rewards is the ultimate script to reward loyal players who bring more players on your server, as well as those who proudly represent your community by joining your Steam Group or by wearing your community's tag.
With one of the highest amounts of settings in the Lounge script series, SH Rewards will provide you everything you need to keep your player base healthy and growing.

Three main features

  • Referrals: every player can obtain a randomly generated code which they can give to their friends, who can then submit that code - both the referred and the referrer will then receive a reward!
  • Steam Group: reward players for joining your Steam Group!
  • Steam Tags: give a bonus to those who wear your community's tag!


  • Custom referral codes: allow players to write their own signature referral code!
  • Referral Leaderboard: those with the most referrals will be displayed in the server's Top 10!
  • Tags Streaks: keeping tags is encouraged by adding Streaks; for every day a player joins your server with a tag, the more rewards they'll get!
  • Plenty of reward types: DarkRP cash, PointShop(2) points or items, etc.
  • Advanced anti-farming measures to avoid malicious players wanting to grab more than they can; IP block, fingerprint, community bans, minimum playtime..
  • Highly responsive GUI - never lose the flow. The script's interface is built using the Lounge theme; navigating through the menu is smoother than ever!
  • Optimized libraries for the best performance possible; unlike other scripts, SH Rewards will cause absolutely no performance degradation on both the server and client.
  • MySQL support for multi-server communities.
  • Highly customizable configuration file to tailor the script to your finest needs.
  • Language support. Only one language provided at the moment: English.
  • Content automatically downloaded via Steam Workshop.

Available rewards

  • DarkRP cash
  • PointShop points and items
  • PointShop 2 points and items
  • ULX Rank
  • XP (DarkRP Leveling System)
  • Custom function call

More rewards can be added on request.


Simply extract the sh_rewards folder into your server's addons folder, edit the config files to your likings and restart the server - the script will work right away!
You can configure the add-on in the rewards_config.lua and rewards_config_sv.lua files.

Useful notes
Get your Steam Web API key here:
Get your Steam Group's ID here:
By default, the command to bring up the Rewards menu is /rewards.

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