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This addon is a simple yet effecitve unbox system that allows you to encourage players to spend their money on testing their luck with breaking open cases and trying to win great prizes.

Detailed description:
The idea behind this addon is to have a simple unbox system. This removes all the unneed cases and complex systems, but rather replaces it with a simple unbox system with a basic store and inventory. It is a must have for all server looking for effective ways to have their players spend money. The rewards types are as follows:

  • Weapons
  • DarkRP Money
  • Playermodels
  • Entitys
  • Ammo
  • Armor
  • Health
  • Pointshop Items
  • Pointshop Points
  • Pointshop2 Items
  • Pointshop2 Points
  • Pointshop2 Premium Points
  • SH Pointshop Items
  • SH Pointshop Points
  • SH Pointshop Premium Points


  • Supports all gamemode
  • High levels of customisation - The config allows almost all elements to be edited, this way the addon is exactly to your liking.
  • Allow players to spend money
  • Allow players to earn money
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Sleek button pulse animation
  • Basic inventory to allow player to store items over restar
  • Usergroup restrictable items
  • Both SQLite and MYSQLoo support (Internal and External)
  • Perma item support
  • Basic shop with support for multiple systems
  • Pointshop support
  • Pointshop 2 support
  • SH Pointshop support
  • Loads of reward types
  • Prometheus support
  • Ability to allow users to see their stats (Amount spent and opened)
  • Gift crates to other users
  • Both passive and buyable crates
  • Lightweight - This addon was designed to be as small and compact as possible, this means that it does not pull on your server resources.

A video showing a quick overlay the main features can be found here:
Youtube Video

A showcase of the animation:
Example of animation


  • Any suggestions to better the addon would be great!


  • Then contact me, through steam is probably quickest however a support ticket will work just fine aswell. The quicker the bug is fixed, the better!


  • Please take the time to review my script, both negative and positive reviews are appreciated. However contact me before giving a negative review as I'd love to resolve your issue instead!


  • I tried to allow almost everything to be configurable in some way. By doing this it allows the user to have the script as fine tuned to their liking as possible. If you find something that you think should be editable, let me know.

Cipro - Created the model
Threebow - Created the button pulse effect
Nameless -Helped with pointshop2 support

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