Default Weapon Drawer Replacement

This addon will replace the default HL2 weapon selection menu with a fully customizable version.

The standard version is in a fixed position, and isn't always the best choice for your gamemode. This also allows SWEP weapons to explain their features more clearly than the default "bubble tooltip".


  • Custom weapon menu sorting, useful for gamemodes that may want to organize specific weapons slots
  • Ammo count, SWEP weapon information box (toggable)
  • Automatic slot layout, weapons will reposition themselves to fit properly on any resolution (toggable)
  • CW Weapon & Counter-Strike SWEPS Support
  • Themes (toggable)
  • Custom mouse wheel sensitivity, when scrolling
  • Full control over fonts, colors, and animation times for the drawer
  • Client specific settings save/loading VGUI menu
  • In-Game Slot Editor (Still in Beta)
  • Full support for all original features (Last Inventory, Fast Weapon Switching, HL2 Weapon Icons, etc)
  • Automatic Font/UI scaling based on users resolution
  • Lightweight. Minimal draw calls, while attempting to provide a custom experience

See photos for snapshot of the settings file.


Setting up Admins?

The script uses CAMI to determine if a user is an Administrator. If your server's admin mod doesn't support CAMI, it will default to super admin privileges.
See the config script for more details.

How do I configure a custom menu?

You have two options. Generate your menu inside the configuration file (recommended), or you can use the in-game slot editor.
Once you setup a menu in-game, the file is generated and sent to all connecting players.

How does the in-game menu work?

The in-game settings menu is for client settings. Any settings changed, is specific to that user only.
If you wish to disallow clients from modifying their own HUD, set dtj_weaponhud_enabled = 1

How do I make this HUD disappear, instead of staying on screen?

Inside your config file, modify "showTime" to a time in seconds you wish.

How do I force a theme on my players?

Modify "forceTheme" to a theme name of your choosing. This will force a theme on all players, and disallow them from changing it.

I want XXXX theme!

If you are a developer, please check the example theme. If not, submit a support ticket and we'll see what we can do for you.


(SERVER) dtj_weaponhud_enabled 0 / 1 / 2

0 = hud disabled. 1 = hud forced enabled, with default settings. 2 = user can enable/disable, and adjust settings.

(SERVER) dtj_weaponhud_serverslots 0/1

0 = don't use server configured weapon layout, 1 = send configured layout to players

This is only required when you made your custom menu in-game!

(CLIENT) dtj_weaponhud_settings

Shows the client VGUI settings menu

(CLIENT) +dtj_weaponhud_show

Bind. Shows the weapon HUD fully expanded, to view all current equipped weapons

(CLIENT) mouse2 / right mouse button

Will close the HUD without selecting a weapon


Simply drop the folder in your "addons" directory within your garrysmod install.

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