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Enhanced Government

Looking to make your government jobs more fun to play? Even desirable? Look no further! Enhanced government vastly expands the game-play of government jobs. As police you are able to respond to 911 calls from citizens and gain money for yourself, and the City's custom currency "City Funds". As the mayor you are able to adjust the tax rate, which actually deducts money from players salaries and goes right into the City Funds. As the mayor, you are able to spend the City Funds on perks which take effect immediately on all players currently in a government job.

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  • Requires DarkRP
  • Very customizable
  • In game mayor UI panel
  • Simple UI, clean and concise
  • Custom 911 system
  • Upgradeable perks for government officials
  • Custom salary tax system
  • Makes being the mayor or a cop more fun

I Found a Bug!

  • Submit a bug report
  • PM me here
  • Add me on steam (leave a message on my profile saying you are from gmodstore or a customer)
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