The first script in the Eris collection, Eris F4 menu is a step towards bolder and better F4 menus in Garry's Mod. With a design based around circles and geometry, Eris F4 is very pleasing to the eye and has everything you and your players would need in an F4 menu, and a lot more to boot.

Watch the demonstration video to see Eris F4 in action:


  • Pleasing geometric design
  • Model at the top which can be right clicked to access the dashboard or left clicked to close the menu (this can be disabled and you can have a dedicated dashboard tab and a dedicated close button)
  • All 7 essential tabs (jobs, ammo, weapons, shipments, entities, vehicles, food)
  • Extra tabs and dividers that open websites in a built-in web browser
  • Ability to position tabs or remove tabs in any way you want in the config, as well as dividers
  • Grid layout of models, so more can fit in smaller spaces
  • Redesigned job limits, bars instead of numbers
  • Well thought out hover effects
  • Job salary and descriptions are integrated seamlessly on hover, showing you exactly what you need to see at a glance, and getting into detail on hover
  • Dashboard with server statistics in the form of beautiful pie charts
  • Themes selectable by the end user (can be disabled in config, you can also make them available to specific groups only)
  • Commands in the dashboard for quick actions like placing lawboards and dropping money, each command has its own icon
  • Beautiful scrollbars based around circles
  • Server name at the bottom (or configurable text)
  • Staff list on dashboard, clicking the circle avatars will take you to their Steam profiles
  • Quick name change by clicking on your name in the top left
  • Custom fonts
  • Sleek headers
  • Animated
  • Six themes included
  • Self-translateable: Has a language configuration
  • Right click job models to switch between them if there are multiple of them
  • Support for charSyst by Matt


Drop the addon folder into your garrysmod/addons folder and restart your server if it was already running. That's literally all there is to it.

Creating Themes

Copy and paste a file in lua/eris/themes and rename it to something (preferrably your theme's name). Open it, change the title (first argument of Eris:AddTheme()) to the name of your theme, then proceed to change the colors. Additionally, add a third argument to restrict your theme to specific ULX ranks, like so:

This example will restrict this theme to superadmin and vip ULX ranks only.


Open up lua/eris/config.lua. All configuration is done there.
Some (not all) settings you can change:

  • Unify job backgrounds (have the backgrounds for each job be a certain color instead of job's color)
  • Center preloader (have the website preloader centered in the f4, or the containing panel
  • Save the last tab you were on
  • Model enabled, title bar enabled, title close button enabled
  • Amount of avatars on each row of online staff in the Dashboard
  • Let people change their names by clicking on their name in the top left of the F4
  • Give the pie charts a radial glow in the center
  • Ranks of staff (for online staff of course)
  • Default theme
  • Enable/disable clients picking themes
  • Text to display as the server at the bottom (picks hostname by default)
  • Have the tabs square instead of triangular

Planned Features

Popup modal when you right click a job showing description and model selectors, configurable on/off if you don't like the description in the tooltip (long descriptions, etc) or rightclicking job models to swap them.

Common Issues

If the pie charts or other circles are pixelated, it is due to your antialiasing settings, not the script. View these comparisons:

This, unfortunately, cannot be fixed.

Workshop Content

This contains the icons.


All of the icons are from Check them out if you're looking for any UI icons. They have the best free selection.


I will not provide refunds after the script has been bought.
If you have any suggestions for stuff I can add, add a comment and I'll consider it.
If you have any issues with this script, submit a support ticket through GmodStore.
Do not contact me through Steam. If you have questions, use the script discussion.

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