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Version - 1.4.0

ROSHAMBO is a simple ( yet robust ) addon for Garry's Mod that gives players the ability to play Rock Paper Scissors with each other. In the console, you can access a menu where you can change the roshambo panel skins, your preferred language, and some basic settings like toggle sounds and effects.

Video Preview (v1.0)


Type roshambo_menu in console to change client-side settings including game panel skins, language and sound / effect toggles!

- You can now use the Sandbox Context Menu to challenge without chat commands! Just click on the ROSHAMBO button while looking at someone!

  • Only works in Sandbox derived gamemodes that don't have the context menu disabled, including DarkRP.
  • In the admin menu, you can disable chat command challenges, forcing players to use the Context Menu. ( they can still deny, accept and toggle challenges via chat commands, just not challenge )

  • By default, while looking at your desired opponent you can type in chat: /roshambo
  • When you receive a challenge, you respond in chat with: /rpsaccept
  • To deny the challenge, type: /rpsdeny
  • To ignore challenges, toggle it by typing: /rpstoggle ( This saves between sessions! )
  • ( Optionally, these can be modified in the language files provided in roshambo_pro/lua/roshambo/lang. )

  • You must be ALIVE, not spectating and looking at someone in order to challenge!

If you don't want to look at or hear the addon at all, you can disable the sounds and effects via roshambo_menu and disable challenges with the /rpstoggle command.


  • Rock Paper Scissors mini-game ( 1 v 1 )
  • Custom content for game panels ( and skins! )
  • Betting ( Currently supports DarkRP, if enabled allows players to bet their money, winner takes all! )
  • Custom Rounds ( If enabled, players can play best 3 out of 4, or 10000! Max is capped at server max round setting. )
  • Language Support ( Includes several languages! )
  • ROSHAMBO Menu ( roshambo_menu in console to access! Changes skin, language and basic client settings. )
  • ROSHAMBO Admin ( roshambo_admin in console to access! Provides a wide array of server-side configuration. Super Admin only. )
  • Off Switch ( Toggle ROSHAMBO on and off via admin menu! )
  • Usergroup Whitelist ( Available in the ROSHAMBO Admin menu. )
  • Weapon and Ammo Replenishment ( ROSHAMBO takes your weapons and ammo away while you play, but gives them all back to you when you're done! (OPTIONAL) )
  • Pointshop 1 and 2 Support ( reward amount is set via admin menu! )

NOTE -- The roshambo_admin menu is ENGLISH only! (everything else is affected by your own language settings)


  • The server MUST have the roshambo_pro addon installed!
  • Put the folder roshambo_pro into your Garry's Mod addons folder ( garrysmod/addons ).

You're all set! If you are a Super Admin, you can type roshambo_menu in console to open the ROSHAMBO Menu, and click the cog wheel at the top right next to the exit button to open the server-side configuration menu which gives you almost complete control of the addons behavior.

NOTE: Make sure to restart your server after adding new addons!


  • Added support for other addons and gamemodes is done via lightweight plugins, separate files with hooks that make gamemodes such as DarkRP work with the betting system, or Pointshop for extra rewards.

Default Plugins:

  • darkrp_270 ( DarkRP 2.7.0 support, for betting )
  • pointshop1 ( Extra victory rewards )
  • pointshop2 ( Extra victory rewards )
  • roshamban_ulx ( ULX Support for ban challenge )
  • darkrp_270_jobrestrict ( Darkrp 2.7.0 support, and possibly earlier versions too! Restricts challenge access to jobs, just edit the jobs table in this file. )

Extra Plugins, not installed by default!

  • darkrp_243 ( DarkRP 2.4.3 support, for betting )

NOTE: DarkRP 2.7.0 is supported by default. If you run DarkRP 2.4.3, replace the darkrp_270 plugin with the darkrp_243 plugin! You can only have one or the other, make sure you do not have both!


  • Clients will automatically download the necessary content via Workshop.
  • Content is included in the main roshambo_pro package.
  • You only need to worry about the content if you prefer FastDL, or if you want the latest language files.
  • Content and Language Addon via Steam Workshop:
  • Download mirror for the raw addon available in the workshop page description. ( NOTE: Mirror may not be as updated as the workshop addon! )


  • I will try my best to provide support for the unmodified addon, this means if you tamper with the core addon without knowing what you are doing I will most likely not help you.

  • If ROSHAMBO isn't working with an addon or gamemode please let me know!

  • If you are having trouble installing the addon or getting it to work refer to the "How to Install?" guide before trying to contact me for support.


  • I only speak English, so some of the translations are most likely bad! ( although I tried my best! )

  • If you want to suggest language fixes or post language packs I'd prefer you do so in the Content and Languages workshop comments section. Thanks!

  • I mention that the Content and Languages addon will most likely be updated more frequently, as minor language fixes can become more frequent and not necessary for a full update. FULL language packs will most likely get added in new updates, however.

  • Adding new languages is easy. To add a new language, just copy-paste an existing language file ( found in roshambo_pro/lua/roshambo/lang ), rename it and modify the values inside! If you modify an existing language, try to back the files up as they may be overwritten in an update!

  • Keep in mind that the %s entries in the language strings represent added variables and are used to format the text, do NOT add or remove any of them!!!


  • I consider this addon complete, but I still plan on improving it in the future! This includes new content and features, such as skins, languages, more special challenge-types, more addon / gamemode integration, critical improvements and so on!

  • I'm open to feedback, and would love to hear your comments, suggestions and concerns! If I think your suggestion is a good idea, you might see it added rather quickly!


  • Major updates may require you to reset your configuration to load all of the necessary variables, I will try to mention in update changelogs if this is necessary.

  • The betting system only works for integrated gamemodes. You can add support for other gamemodes and addons yourself, but if your server doesn't use this then you should set unchecked in the admin menu "Allow Betting".

  • ROSHAMBO will try its best to play nicely with other addons and gamemodes, but if it doesn't, please let me know ASAP! I may not be able to add support, but I will try!

  • Please consider how your server behaves when configuring the admin menu! I've left most settings disabled by default so they wont interfere with your server right out of the box.

  • The Custom Rounds setting caps at the Max Rounds set on the server-side. For example, if you want to enable Custom Rounds and a max of 100, you need to make sure the Max Rounds is set to 100.

  • ROSHAMBO is not meant to be played in ANY gamemode, but it probably can. I believe it will work for TTT with configuration tweaks, but it's probably not something you'd want for Prop Hunt, or any gamemode where you cannot look directly at other players. Please keep this in mind before you use this on your server!

  • If you updated and are missing new skins, you'll either have to add them manually or reset the configuration to default in the admin menu! ( If you are using custom skins, I recommend to just add them manually. )

  • I will add more here at one point, but if there's something you want to know or don't understand please leave a comment!

Here is some animated media to give a better example of what the current version looks like in-game!

Game Preview


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