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Unlike the competition, this doesn't require you to manually manage your fastdl like in 1999!
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demo server:

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  • Never use fastdl again! Just upload your file to e.g. and link it up :)
  • No fastdl syncing/compressing required
  • No steam API key required
  • All downloads happen once the loading screen is gone
  • Makes your players load quicker
  • Gets more players to your server
  • Is easy to setup
  • Doesn't require much
  • Automatically generates its own .gma file from your server files based on ley research TM
  • Does it all for a cheap price!
  • Steam collection support

What does this script do?

It moves all your downloads from the steam workshop and fastdl to compressed gmas and downloads & mounts them once the player is ingame, thus allowing your server to become popular more easily!

Are there any issues?

Loading addons does still lag ( because loading addons, will always lag ). Loading lag gets moved from loadingscreen to ingame. Just telling you here because some people skip the FAQ and expect this to kill all the lags normally experienced in the loadingscreen from loading addons.
Doesn't work with maps, never will, due to the way maps are loaded in gmod. They have to stay on fast dl or old workshopdl. Also if you have a fuckton of content, it's possible that crashes may happen. That may also happen when gmod loads normally, because it isn't supposed to handle that much content. you can try tweaking the settings to stop it from happening, if it happens at all. Weapon scripts and particles sent over workshop sometimes don't load properly, rejoining or a mapchange will fix those issues.


there is NO way around mounting/loading addons. How do you wanna play the game without loading them??? It loads them without this addon too, but on the loadingscreen.
It doesn't even load it on every map change, if it's cached it just checks it which is really fast in my TTT server. No stutters compared to normal load. If you have problems it's because of your addons most likely.

How do I install this script?

  • Drag & Drop to your addons folder

    OPTIONAL STEPS: only if you want fastdl dls to be hotloaded too

  • Run the chat command !leyworkshopdls_gen
  • Download the file data/uploadthissomewhere.gma.dat from your server
  • Upload that file to your webserver
  • Run !leyworkshopdls_sv with the url e.g.
  • done!

I wanna use my collection :C

Just edit --LeyWorkshopDls.CollectionID = nil
turn it into LeyWorkshopDls.CollectionID = yourcollectionid

I'm unsure whether it'll work for my server :(

I as a rule of a thumb say over ~0.5~1gb and your server is fat. However, it depends on the kind of content. Either way, if you're unsure, I recommend just not buying it unless you wanna take the risk. Hell, even if it doesn't work for your DarkRP with 20gb of content, it might work for your nice TTT (e.g. mine at

How does it work?

All your files which would normally have to be uploaded to several workshop addons or to your fastdl get compiled into one GMA. This gma is downloaded and uncompressed by each client, once ingame, thus allowing you to serve your clients your files easier, quicker & when they're fully loaded instead of causing them to be stuck at the loading screen. The second thing it does is changing the way workshop addons are loaded. Instead of downloading workshop downloads while at the loading screen it moves them all to when they're fully loaded. Those 2 factors combined reduce your loading times greatly - amazing-

but dude, isn't there a script like this for free already?

No - this one is different. There've been several users who couldn't bother reading through the comments and thus I've decided to add a new section here. First of all this works for fastdl stuff too and doesn't just help you make your fastdl stuff easier to use. Instead of uploading all kinds of shit you just gotta upload the stuff this addon generates for you and your maps. Secondly it reduces the size of your fastdl stuff compared to normal fastdl, because it not just gets gma'd through lua ( which is also pretty nifty ) but also compressed in a nice manner. Thirdly it allows people to generally download a bit quicker because smaller file sizes means faster downloads. Another cool thing it does is spreading out loads with some semi nifty algorithms to avoid people from lagging/reduce lag for people with worse pcs, each workshop addon gets categorized and treated differently. This together with halting the process intelligently can depending on your addons and settings fully prevent you and your players from lagging while loading. In other words, the alternatives offer less functionality and work worse, but if you don't mind that, feel free to use them


I get the error "Loading gma failed thus trying to delete"
That means you didn't enter the right url. Try clicking your url, if your web browser doesn't instantly download the file your url is wrong. If it shows you it as text instead of downloading the file, try another host.

It lags when loading addons!
Well no fucking shit. If addons have to be loaded, the game WILL always lag more or less because of the kind of addon and due to it's single threaded nature. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get no lag unless you remove all of your addons. And even so, the game by itself might still lag. Be realistic. If you can't live with that, don't buy this.

Is it possible to make it lag 0%?
It's not, loading files will always lag to some extent, and the more addons you have, the bigger the stress on the server&clients, same goes for the download time and lag while loading them. This is NOT caused by our script, that's just the way the source engine with gmod works. More addons basically means more trouble.

I deleted all my resource.AddWorkshop/resource.AddFile calls and now it doesn't work wtf?
You shouldn't have done that. Readd them. The addon needs them to know what kind of stuff you want clients to download. Removing it equals saying you don't want them to download anything at all and lets you end up with broken models and textures.

I can't speak english, I only know chinese, can you help me anyways? I got google translator
Well you see we always try to help people but if we can't understand you it's kind of hard. We don't know all languages. We'll try to understand you, but if we can't, please don't be mad. Try asking a friend who knows your language and english incase you're having troubles stating your problem.

If too many addons are bad, can I just make less but bigger ones?
No. You would still end up with the same result.

My workshop collection is this big, how big would the lags be?
We can't tell. There are too many factors, like your PC, whats in the collection etc. if it's too big ( e.g. multiple gigabytes of meme content ) then don't buy this

Dude addons are redownloaded?!
They are not. The script caches ALL downloads. If it lags too much blame your server setup and don't try to blame the script. After a certain amount of addons, it's impossible to have ingame downloading be smooth.

I don't like the way it lags. I want the lag to be spread out more but be stronger at once/want it to be spread out less aka weaker at once
Well there my young grasshopper, what you can do is change your delays to adapt to your needs. If you don't know what you're doing (changing the delays to something that isn't really smart), you might as well contact someone for help.

How do I let some things like all my cool maps be downloaded on the loadingscreen?
resource.OldAddWorkshop for workshop files
resource.OldAddFile for fastdl files

dude i'm stick at sending client info :(
You have only yourself to blame. You get stuck at sending client info when loading lua files, thus you most likely have a lot of addons, or a slow server (aka taking addons takes a long time) or a slow PC (thus loading all kinds of addons takes a long time).

It keeps redownloading everytime i join :C
It does not. It only checks for update once every 2 weeks and if you already have the content it only loads it.

people are timing out!
chances are your server is too fat

when is my server fat?
usually kids darkrps are fat. It depends on the amount of mb/gb but usually more than ~50 addons can be considered fat. If the addons are small however, they'd load quick, or if they're all big, it'd load slow. That's why it depends on the file sizes (and the lua involved but that isn't easily measureable).

For some reason not all workshop addons are getting added
I've had a customer with that issue and the reason was he had so many addons that garrysmod struggled to even load any more lua files. You can kinda imagine it like a obese person. If someone eats too much he'll end up fat, slow and have trouble doing lots of everyday things. That's your server, when you feed it too many addons. And if your server has that many addons, weird shit can happen. In an obese person if he's too fat and eats more he just ends up dying or puking. If your server is too fat it will crash randomly and behave weirdly. For example, it might just not load all lua files on your server. Then you wonder why not all stuff loads. Or it might just crash on mapchanges etc. The effects can be anything. And no, putting things in one content pack or folder or something doesn't make it any better. That'd be like feeding a obese person with potatoes instead of fries. He'll still eat up ending the same amount of potato. So be nice to your server - don't force it to be obese. This addon isn't going to make your server less obese, no addon can, only you can help it become slim and fit.

obese server

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