A modern sleek HUD with smooth effects, blur panels and a whole lot of sexiness.
This HUD should not disappoint, this can be customized in many ways!


  • Option to remove blur
  • Added menu placement for job/class

Update 1.03


  • Sexy heart beat icon that will beat constantly and will beat faster as your health goes lower
  • Sexy Armor icon that will show a degraded icon when below certain armor percentage, with a helpful flashing arrow
  • Hunger mod support
  • Level mod support
  • Theme configuration
  • Customized ammunition HUD ( can be moved to the left corner, center or can be disabled )
  • Custom Agenda display
  • Custom Wanted display
  • Custom Lockdown display
  • Neat player overhead hud
  • Beautiful Player menu with configurable key pressed popup menu, blur panels showing all your needed information ( popup weapon info included when a weapon is equipped )
  • Sexy A'F reload icon designed by myself
  • Button activated sexy A'F compass ( or can be set to be static ( permanent is set to a lower position on screen ) or can be disabled )
  • Smooth Health, Armor and Ammunition bar animations
  • Player health numbers can be disabled or enabled
  • In-depth configuration file
  • Language support
  • What can go wrong? This is the only HUD you should need!


Workshop Download


  • If any errors occur please paste console error and describe the problem in detail and with screen shots if needed
  • Before you want to review the script with negative comments, message me first and i can help you out!


  • Extract victorioushud into addons
  • Configurations in
  • Restart and enjoy!


Q: FastDL not working?

A: Upload materials folder to your webhosts material folder


Flaticon: for some of the free icons

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