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Bot Uri purchased commented 4 weeks ago

@freemmaann, Could you add the possibility of creating emergency lights for vehicles ??

Doomguy purchased commented 1 month ago

Hey Freemamaann, the Pursuit Interceptor from Master Chris vehicles doesn't have lights or sirens, but all the other cars in the pack work. Is there something wrong on your end or on Chris's end?

Asked you a while ago can't remember if you said you had set a time. So just wondering if/when you'll incorporate a feature where cars can have ELS lights added to them through and admin interface.

Seth commented 2 months ago

Freeman if you haven't' see this yet, There is a New leak.

Hi Freemmann. How does one make our own police cars. Unlike Photon, VCMOD ELS does not have a user interface for it. So im wondering if its possible for you to make a guide or tutorial?

bobzszs commented 2 months ago

how do i disable car damage (cdm) i cant find in config

freemmaann author commented 2 months ago

Ice cream truck siren, might be possible.

WAC aircraft are not regular vehicles and are not compatible with VCMod, atleast for now.

Differences, please check the feature list for both addons.

what are the differences between ELS and the main one

aertD commented 2 months ago

WAC aircraft helicopter support? Please! If there would be that, I will buy it.

Solo ✔️ purchased commented 3 months ago

I was wondering, I know it's not "ELS" but a hidden icecream truck siren would be denk. <3

freemmaann author commented 3 months ago

Nah, happens to the best of us. :3

You know you're an idiot when you start looking up on how to create your own ELS lights using API. The releasing that you don't even have the addon. :P

freemmaann author commented 3 months ago

They will be. Sorry for not including these heavilly wanted features sooner. Been over-swamped a bit.

PanzerShrek purchased commented 3 months ago

I was wondering, are changeable sirens planned as an update? It's really my only problem with this mod.

freemmaann author commented 3 months ago

Hey, that feature will come with the ELS overhaul.

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Conduit | Glutic purchased commented 3 months ago

You know what would really be awesome? If someone made a rambler siren! Hearing that on my server would be like the best especially rping telling people to move out of the way

freemmaann author commented 4 months ago

Hey, just released an update. VCMod entities are now automatically added to the blacklist. Sorry for the issues.

Bish - GSRP purchased commented 4 months ago

So, I own a darkrp server. The spike strips, when deployed after being pocketed (I am trying to blacklist but am having trouble finding the ent name) crashes the server the moment it is deployed. Do you think you could post the new entities names here? I could use a little help.

freemmaann author commented 4 months ago

Not at this moment, no. But this is in plans.

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