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Sly Stone rated

Top Notch add on!!
adds very important lights and sounds to vehicles

I will be watching for more from this developer

bizzy rated

fukn dank

side™ rated

5/5, Though something I suggest for future updates is being able to put your own sirens + lights on any car, This makes good RP for undercover police work.

Already in works. Sadly, been a bit of a low priority.

Quack🦆 rated

muchos grande script

Well said.

HizenK rated

Best Vehicle enhance addon :D

luphi100 rated

Works brilliant.

Manually assigned Luke rated

What do i need too say?

Threebow rated

This speaks for itself.

TangoDown rated

I don't know how long this script has been out, but its always been on the expensive side, how ever with that said (I just bought it my self for personal use) with 5$ discount on both. 100% still worth it great script. always has been and seems like it always will be (here's hoping) good job Keep up the good work

bmoyer02 rated

There isn't really much sirens for Vc mod where can i find more

ahshop3 rated

Cheap, well made, amazing author and one of a kind system for gmod.

never2nv rated

Expensive asf especially if you buy vcmod main + ELS but... at the end of the day it's the most advanced vehicle mod out there for Gmod. Everyone knows vehicles are pretty much cancer in Gmod but this makes them much more tolerable. Thanks Freemmaann!

Manually assigned G-Foяce rated

Best vehicle mod out there.

Freeman is a really great guy that loves to work on his code regularly and improve the experience for the players, including the developers by regularly getting in touch with communities for feedback and advice. I highly recommend you purchase his scripts as they're real quality.


Manually assigned Skeptic rated

Best ELS system on the market :)

RedTroz rated

Excellent support !
Best script for vehicle fans !
To buy :)

bradleyw055 rated

Love it.

cjackett rated

Congratulations, you just earned yourself $35!

I don't even need to write anything here. Everything below says all.

Manually assigned GHETTOMICKEYMOUSE - EscaladeRP rated
Hyrogenic rated

Fantastic author, never disappoints! Can't wait to see his upcoming work :)

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