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Benn20002 rated

Nice addon and very friendly developer!

Blue rated


Must have for Police Vehicles. Lights look a little bit better then photon.

Srlion rated

Didn't have to config anything, easy to use.

Keeta rated

Je vous conseille à 100 % ce script

lucasboss45 rated

ELS Is as good as Main not really much i can say about it but i can see that freemmaann is really putting effort into is mods its just crazy good !

To everybody reading you should buy VCMod Main and ELS if you have a server containing cars of course. 10/10 same as VCMod main

Manually assigned EthyS rated

I've been a ELS user since the DLC has come out.

This is wonderful. I do have to agree this is better then Photon.
Photon is updated more then this (Sadly) though.
But this is better in realstic ways. But has less cars though.

ELS. Is very good. It is very easy to use and understand.
Many thanks Freeman!

Keep up the work chap.

KingDoogan rated

Overall this addon is great!
Don't get the wrong idea but I forgot Photon existed for "Free" and we already bought VCmod so i could of just added photon, but ended up buying this.

but anyway, i hope to see way more features with this in the future. Maybe add a weapon trunk for police cars and a working fire hose for the fire truck or something along them lines? I am in no way saying thats exactly what you should add but maybe just make it more "unique" in your own way. (More then just lights)

Anyway.. i love this addon and i think its amazing how much effort you put into these addons and how you always add new features to mix.

All the best!

While this addons development has been slow in comparison with the other one, many things are definitely in works. Glad you like it and thank you for your support.

Manually assigned Razer rated

If you want a good, beautiful, and superior Emergency System than this is the mod for you, also the creator is very friendly, and its updated nearly every day. Overall Amazing Mod.

Weedas rated

huuum NOICE !

Manually assigned ToBadForYou rated

Constantly updated and the author is generally a very nice guy! :) The best lightning system on the market! <3

New update is god tier...

[FC] Rossi rated

I do like it, and like that I don't have to download a whole new car just to have light to it, but I did compare ELS vs Photon. Photon lighted more areas ELS did not, and looked more realistic. ELS seems to be a blob of light, while photon is more in depth in detailed.

Sorry you feel this way. Well, non-the-less a big overhaul has been in works for a while, should be out soon.

Gurrazor rated

A mod of severe quality with an author who clearly has gone above and beyond to form it into a most significant achievement. One of those mods that truly enhances Garry's Mod as a game and stretches what people thought would be possible for it.

Thank you. :3

[W-G] Blues rated

Very good addon! One of the must-have for a roleplay server in my opinion. Would be cool if you could configurate and make custom police lights on diffrent cars to make them undercover.

Just Add Language French ...

Its already in there? Thanks for the review.

Kristoffer.N rated
Draftking rated

Works perfectly service and support is great!

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