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You do not have to have VCMod Main to run this.

Works wonderfully with:DarkRP Government Vehicles Station and DarkRP Fire System.

Want other lights, seats, damage, horn, etc Check this out. You do not need to have it, to be able to use this

VCMod is designed to make garrysmod vehicles as good as in any other game

It is meant to improve the games vehicle's quality. Can be used in machinima, realistic roleplay, just randomly messing around.

After installing VCMod servers usually get a huge boost of server traffic and overall lift the servers feeling of realism.

All major, publicly released emergency vehicles are supported (so far over 250 vehicles):
TDM'S, LONEWOLFE'S, SGM'S, SPED'S, SGT'S, Roy's, Maxv's and any standalone vehicle that are available on worshop I could find.


  • DarkRP support: works on DarkRP versions 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6
  • FastDL already setup: dont have to worry about that little thing yourself
  • Interior lights: interior buttons, sequence indicators for police control dashboard.
  • Real Life Radio Chatter: listen to real life feed of police radio chatter while you cruise around
  • Compatibility: works with any car dealer NPC, car menu, etc
  • Segmental: disable or adjust every feature one by one
  • Lights: police lights, taxi lights, road work vehicle lights, anything that need sequence on lights (auto turns off on left alone cars)
  • High quality sounds: over 30 high quality sounds to fit each vehicle specifically
  • Light codes: Each car can have up to 14 different codes which you can toggle through
  • Siren codes: Each car has its own specific sound drivers, but by default there are 6 sound drivers in this already
  • Manual siren: Same like horn basically, hold the key, release to silence the siren
  • Bull horn: Alot of sound drivers have bullhorn sound, which means when you have your siren on and try to use horn it will sound bullhorn instead
  • 3D HUD: Fully animated with multiple stages. Used to select codes, can adjust the 3D effects intensity
  • Bodygroup support: If you change a bodygroup on a car, lights will follow them
  • High quality Sequences: Typically each car has around 50 sequences with around 350 lights
  • Horn: stops the horn after you release the button
  • Control menu: control every single feature of VCMod also give information about controls, etc
  • Customizability: Admins can adjust what each user can do, see. Each user can adjust how ELS looks from light sizes to how fast it sequences
  • Key selection: you can choose which buttons do what yourself with the menu
  • Language support: all VCMod related text will change depending on selected language. Auto detects language also changeable in !vcmod menu

What will be added:

  • Turn based lights (old fashioned)
  • NPC car ELS car dealer


  • Lights are rendered fully clientside, no entities, no lag
  • Lights are grouped into their functions before sending to client, reduces rendering costs by about half
  • Light data for each car type is sent only once per new car type, data sent in chunks (wont lag the server)
  • Admin can adjust times of lights auto shut off if the car is left alone
  • Admin can disable headlight option in the menu
  • Each client can turn off dynamic lights if too laggy
  • Each client can turn off each light layer one by one if too laggy
  • Each client can reduce the size of each light layer+ dynamic light
  • Dynamic lights gets reduced in size and shut off when its far enough
  • Lights do not render if far enough
  • Lights have LOD's, the further out you go, the more light layers will turn off, keeping it not noticeable
  • Each client can turn off lights on their own if too laggy
  • Each client can select lights auto fade out distance

Overall, I have not gotten any complaints about VCMod being too laggy, it is optimised as best as it could be. Some cars have over 500 total lights on them, no noticeable lag even with several vehicles spawned.


Youtube: VCMod sneak peak of the new features

Youtube: Tiny showcase of the ELS itself

Youtube: VCMod Main+ ELS showcase

Youtube: Rustic7's ELS showcase video

Youtube: very early beta (a year old) It does not have the flare effect

Special thank's to:

LoneWolfie - for helping me with screenshots and for being awesome

TheDanishMaster - for moral support since start of development

Rush - helping with sounds

Mika32 - helping with sound

[3FX] Archway - providing the amazing alaska ELS sounds

SGM - HD textures, being a friendly chap

Creeper - Giving a hell lot of help with VCMod data


VCMod is updated almost daily. Updates frequently bring new features completely for free. Tiny bug fixes are done in the background.

You never have to update VCMod, thanks to the Auto Update features. This does mean that you will have to have an internet connection to be able to use the addon, sadly.

I will try to update it regularly, if you have bug reports, I will be glad to help out.

Full change-log is available at: VCMod.org

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