Version AutoUpdater v9.3 Released 1 month ago

This update is recommended, but is fully optional. Auto updater will continue to push out updates to V9. Workshop Content addon already includes all of these new additions to the addon.

Whats new?
Added around 50 custom fancy icons with the same style and quality throughout. Changed all spawn icons.

There is a lot of new things in the code side of things aswel.
Full changelog at:

Version AutoUpdater V9.2 Released 4 months ago

Some people were having issues with bLogs not working correctly with VCMod Logging system causing VCMod to not load.

Update only if you are experiencing issues.

Version AutoUpdater V9.1 Released 4 months ago

Some players were sent the temp-keys too quickly.

  • Added a more secure player loaded verification
Version AutoUpdater V9 Released 4 months ago

Auto Updater overhaul (AutoUpdater V9)

Full changelog at:

This update is mandatory

Older versions of VCMod Auto Updater will no longer be receiving automated updates.

If you have both VCMod addons, both need to be updated.

This is the long-awaited "Auto Updater overhaul", which is, almost, solely focused on performance.

It is a complete overhaul of VCMods Auto Updater systems, bringing vast improvements to performance, especially networking. It took over three months to bring you this update alone. Other core systems were also redone.

VCMod systems now run on a completely new custom framework, which is based on the "temp-key" idea, instead of simple "server -> client".

Server no longer stores any client-side related data. Clients handle all their code, data, info loading and updating completely on their own, based on the temp-keys generated by VCMod API systems after contacted by the server.

What is a "temp-key" system? Here's a quick summary:

  • On server start, VCMod loads all needed data, waits for active players;
  • If atleast one player is online, it contacts VCMod API services;
  • API sends back the needed Auto Updater info, code, 100 client temp-keys to start off;
  • Temp-keys are auto generated when needed. Temp-key stores info about which addons are needed;
  • If a player joins/rejoins, server sends one of the temp-keys;
  • If player key is soon to be expired, server resends a new one;
  • If server runs low on available keys, it contacts VCMod API to receive some new ones;
  • After a player receives the temp-key, he contacts VCMod API to update needed code, language data, other VCMod related data in segments.

All of this might sound complex, but, in the end, it gives vastly optimized VCMod performance in code handling and, especially, networking. This was, to many, the biggest issue with VCMod.

This update has been beta tested for atleast 2 days on 2 fully loaded servers.

Some of main the benefits of this update:

Server performance:

  • VCMod player sync system is gone, no more chunked queues;
  • Server no longer suffers performance loss (network usage wise) when a player joins;
  • Server-side portion of VCMod code now loads segmentally, reducing "first time jitter";
  • Server VCMod load times reduced by alteast three times, due to the amount of code sent and how its handled on receiving;
  • Server no longer receives or stores client-side code;
  • Server no longer receives or stores client-side data;
  • VCMod no longer suffers from "garbage collection" issues due to it storing client-side code and data;
  • Server receives less CPU and RAM usage due to having to handle a lot less data;
  • Impact on server networking when a player joins has been reduced to pretty much nothing;
  • Player vehicle model de-sync check requests have been conditioned and optimized (a lot less networking);
  • Servers vehicle data request queue is now handled a lot more efficiently (huge impact to networking performance);
  • Global vehicle data is now stored fully locally, this was a huge amount of data;
  • Global vehicle data structure itself has been optimized to lower its total size;
  • Global vehicle data has its own auto updater, that updates only when needed, based on revision numbers;
  • Global vehicle data initial revision number is sent on server-side VCMod load.

Player performance:

  • Vastly reduced player join time (up to a few seconds);
  • Loads VCMod code in chunks, which heavily decreases actual loading of code;
  • No longer waits in queue to receive chunks of the needed data and code;
  • Contacts VCMod API directly using the temp-key to receive needed code;
  • VCMod load times no longer limited by the queue;
  • Reduced contact with server to check for models de-sync, only calls when in proximity;
  • Reduced calls to server to verify and receive any needed VCMod vehicle data.

Completely redone language features:

  • Server no longer has anything to do with language files;
  • Client downloads any needed language data directly, not impacting server performance at all;
  • Changed the way language data is stored on server, reducing API call times;
  • Player automatically checks for language updates every 6 hours;
  • Added "vc_update_lng" client-side console command.

VCMod is now multi-branched, having PUBLIC and BETA branches:

  • Ability to switch to VCMod Beta branch by a simple console value "vc_usebeta 1";
  • This will make sure that when new VCMod features roll out, they are fully beta tested before pushing to public servers;
  • Every 6 hours all players will receive a message that the VCMod used on the server is "Beta".

Some of the other changes:

  • VCMod logging system is now fully local, meaning: every step of VCMod loading is now recorded;
  • All other compatible logging system calls have also been moved to local code;
  • VCMod uses custom "print to console" colors and functions;
  • VCMod now logs all server-side VCMod prints under the Logging "General" section;
  • !vcmod chat menu message has been changed, before VCMod is loaded;
  • All VCMod loading messages have been redone;
  • VCMod Q-menu colors and text have been changed;
  • API now collects map name, gamemode name and VCMod auto updater version to ensure faster issue debugging;
  • VCMod Debugger feature is now in a working shape (in !vcmod menu, administrator, core options);
  • VCMod Debugger saves all data locally, aswel as sending it to VCMod API for later analysis;
  • Removed "Update" function from !vcmod menu, administrator, core options;
  • Removed "Check for language updates" function from !vcmod menu, administrator, core options;
  • Added "Check for General Vehicle Data updates" button in !vcmod menu, administrator, core options;
  • VCMod now has the ability to automatically send errors that are caused by VCMod (option will be added soon);
  • Added code modifications to more easily detects any future issues (selective deobfuscation);
  • VCMod "info" page addon data is now generated automatically;
  • Added new dev corner hooks;
  • Added a lot of small fixes;
  • Mined for new vehicle data;
  • Other tiny fixes to improve performance;
  • A lot of tiny bug fixes;
  • Fully rewritten the ReadMe file;
  • Probably some other things that I just can't seem to remember.

Special thanks to:

  • DevulTj for taking the time to help beta test and solve the initial ip caching issues

  • mcNuggets for risking his server to beta test this update on a player-live servers

  • CreeperTV for testing the dev portion of the new VCMod framework

Since this update is out, I will spend the next few weeks continue to fix all the "small" issues that come with VCMod. Afterwards there will be a feature-rich update that many will love.

I hope you are happy with VCMod update progress and remember that this update has a whole new feature framework, which means, there are many more to come.

Version AUTOUPDATER V8 Released 6 months ago

Full changelog at:

This update is completely optional.

Update solely if you wish to get bLogs record VCMod events.

Version AutoUpdater v7 Released 1 year ago

VCMod Main big update compatibiilty

You really need to redownload this one manually, sorry guys.

Version AutoUpdater v6 Released 1 year ago

Sloppy mistake on my end, my bad.

Version AutoUpdater v6 Released 1 year ago

Brand new features, including a fuel system, VCMod Main only, sorry

Sorry folks, you will have to download this one manually, other updates will continue to be automatically downloaded.

  • Rescaled, repositions the right side HUD abit
  • Added ability to change between metric/imperial in the "Personal settings", "HUD" tab
  • Added fancy vehicle destroyed and out of fuel right side HUD flashing
  • Added in the missing fog light dash icon by default (only Singleplayer users were affected)
  • Added in the 3D light textures (only Singleplayer users were affected)
  • Redone around 30 vehicles
  • Redid some core code to make things a bit faster
Version 1.1291 Released 2 years ago

This update is optional

  • This makes it so the entity code itself is being downloaded. And it adds singleplayer support for new light types (MP is automatically updated)*

There is now an ingame menu where you can view live updates to the addon or the data in the "!vcmod" chat menu.

  • Added automated changelog display ingame for updates to code
  • Added automated changelog display ingame for updates to data
Version 1.129 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixing the Cake Anticheat compatibility bug that caused VCMod to not initialize properly.

Keep both addons up to date, do not just update one of them

Thanks to: ☣️Tron☣️ for helping beta test.

Version 1.128 Released 2 years ago

Download this only if you wish to get the new Repair Tool model and/or if you have the "<" launch error.

You have to update MAIN aswel if you will update this one.


  • Added "look at a vehicle" message to car dealers manage vehicles menu
  • Fixed weird ELS bug where it simply stops runnig when having mixed autoupdate versions
  • Fixed VCMod erroring due to faulty car spawning methods (blame Neth for this one)
  • Brand new repair tool model, thank you TDM
  • Additional security step
  • Decreased load times
Version 1.127 Released 2 years ago

This update fixed the autoupdater itself. If you are running VCMod fine already, you do not have to redownload this update, however it will give you abit of a performance increase when initializing VCMod.

These updates will be named for both Main, ELS:

  • Fixed the remainig "<" error bugs.
  • Resized the headlights
  • Added the missing toolbox model texture (thank you lonewolfie)
  • Added redone headlight beam texture (thank you TDM)
  • Redid the streaming of serverside settings to client portion of the sync system
  • Added in a few images
  • Fixed the handbrake light option
  • Fixed car dealer not being able to set car owner uppon buying
  • Added manual VCMod restart console command "vc_init" (admin or server console only)
Version 1.126 Released 2 years ago

This update is fully thanks to Kotus for his extremely helpful support thought this mess

The code will be updated live (already has been a few times).

This will simply fix the "<" error, which is caused by restricted characters having server names.

Most likely you will never have to update the code, again by yourself.

Version 1.125 Released 2 years ago

You must completely remove previous copy of VCMod before updating

The "Autoupdate" edition of VCMod is here.

  • This is the last time you have to redownload and update VCMod manually, all will be done automaticaly from now on.*

This update is a complete overhaul of the mod. All server side code has been rewritten, aswel as the majority of all clientside code.

Firstly, I would like to, again, apologise for the time it took to release this long awaited update.

  • Serverside performance increased up to 9 times;
  • Security has been completely redone, you can feel safe;

Now, about those new features:

  • Firstly, auto updating of all VCMod code;
  • Automated data load for vehicles. None of that data is stored on your server anymore;
  • Automated sync of languages. Now all VCMod language data gets synced automatically for your server;
  • Brand new car dealer Old, dev video of it in use
  • Traslation editor tool: Players will now be able to help out VCMod community by altering all VCMod language ingame;
  • Light types, you can now select your own light style ingame (more types will be added with updates);
  • You can now lock/unlock vehicles from within the car (properly);
  • Fade effect when switching view/seat (tiny detail, but its a nice touch) ;
  • Completely new Third Person View ( older video of it can be found here ) (among its features are auto raise, auto tilt, new focus system, path prediction, different types) ;
  • Headlight beams Yep, a tiny video aswel (headlight angle has been redone aswel, looking more real-life-ishly) ;
  • Ingame privilages editor, can select who is allowed to edit the admin settings
  • Spinning lights (ELS), new light object, even has beams

Brand new code, there might be bugs, I apologise for the problems from the start

VCMod will display a message (and most likely error out aswel) if you installed ontop of the old one without removing
And the changelog in general
This is for both Main and ELS

  • New logo and style
  • Redid the trailer connected icon
  • ELS: sending each sequence separately now, this gives an unlimited amount of complexity to ELS patterns
  • Recoded the entire Third person view feature
  • Recoded the entire clientside file structure
  • Recoded the entire serverside file structure
  • Redone the Wheel Dust feature, no more traces, scan time increased 5 times, performance increase by 400% for this feature alone
  • Wheel dust brake will now turn on when the vehicle starts to drift
  • Added new light beta feature
  • Reworked standard and high beam headlight fov
  • Standard headlight angle matches real life (points downwards)
  • Redone the C menu icon
  • Delayed all networking when starting up the server (better load times)
  • Completely recoded the "look behind" view feature
  • Reshaded majority of the lights
  • Reconfigured VCMod information to not use dropbox as primary source
  • Brand new VCMod exclusive pickup models
  • Added burn sound to the engine fire
  • Redone the menu design
  • Added the number slide number background (easier to read it)
  • Redone the vgui left, right arrows
  • Redone the line texture (thanks to TDM) of the lights
  • Brand new glow texture
  • Adjusted the light glow
  • Merged code from VC2 to VC1 (very easy to update from now on, but probably ton of bugs still)
  • Removed the annoying info screen adds
  • Made the floating blob things in the info menu
  • Added menu animations
  • Added new notification system fully animated
  • Drastically increased addons security (rewritten every single net and user message)
  • The sync system will now memorize if the model is damaged and will not call for data again if it is
  • Changed the colouring of the VCMod chat messages
  • Added new VCMod mid screen notification system
  • Sectioned serverside code for speed related optimisation tasks (3 stages)
  • Restricted main menu's "Administrator" tab from being accessed by access restricted people
  • New feature: blinkers turn off automatically when steering wheel returned to the position
  • Controls now set the default values for newly added controls
  • HUD elements are not translated aswel
  • Added ability to change the primary hold key
  • Redone the language panel
  • Added option to toggle lock/unlock feature
  • Fixed ELS volume option
  • Added in the new advanced objects. Should fix the material errors
  • Rewrote the water check function, should fix that annoying SFL 65 error
  • HUD icons will no longer display if the vehicle has no available lights
  • HUD car health will no longer display if the damage is turned off serverside
  • HUD headlight icon has been reworked abit
  • Now auto overriding "Williams Car Dealer" settings (VCMod setting) to avoid confusion
  • Redid all SGM vehicle seats
  • Redid around 30% of all SGM vehicles
  • Added all new SGM vehicles
  • Redid around 20% of all TDM vehicles
  • Added the new VCMod notification system (mid screen)
  • Added the new TDM vehicles
  • Redid all LW vehicles seats, added new vehicles, redid ELS ones.
  • Redid all Black Mesa vehicles
  • Added all Garrysmod on wheels vehicles
  • Added info synchronization with a web-server
  • Around 300 vehicles were fixed in total
  • around 100-150 more were added
    There were other things, alot of them, which I forgot to write down. Oh well..

HUGE thank you to LW for making the amazing pickup models
TDM and SGM for a few new textures
Sen and Rusti7 for support

Down side of all this is that you need to have network access to use VCMod.

Version 1.124 Released 2 years ago

This is not the "big" update everyone has been looking forward to. That is atleast 3-5 more days away.

This is merely a quick patch that repais the damage cause by the recent update.

The update fixes:

  • HUD error line 88-89 (missing texture, beta feature in testing);
  • SFL 65 error (old DarkRP update caused this);
  • Fixed seats removing themselves (blame the new garrysmod update);
  • Fixed HUD (also the new garrysmod update)

Expect the next update rolling out in a few days. It will feature atleast 12 new features, completely overhauled code, live updates, new car dealer, completely new and changeable light visuals and much, much more.

There will only be one more update of its kind, after the next update the code will be updated automatically.

Version 1.123 Released 3 years ago

Yet another brand new update which brings new feature (language support) along with numerous other fixes.

This update mainly redoes all of the lights glow, reduced their lag alot and adds brand new light object and new anti lag ability, for those pesky medium-distant vehicles.

BIG thank you for all who helped translate. If you want VCMod in your own language, check the Personal Settings/Language for more information.

New feature:

  • Language support
    • ATM has 8 languages to choose from
    • All vehicle related text gets translated, plus all of VCMod menu
    • Automatically locates the player and sets the language accordingly
    • Language selection is saved when either you change it manually or script detects your location
    • Option to choose a different language is in the !vcmod menu top right corner
    • Locates the players position when a vehicle is spawned or the menu opened
    • Credits tab in the the Personal Settings/Language, you can see everyone who pitched in to make VCMod multi-language

Other updates:

  • Menu structure redone
  • Changed health pickup from 50 to 10
  • Redid the light glow layer
  • Removed useless light glow cycles
  • Improved light visual quality
  • Reduced light FPS drain by around 5%
  • Fixed dynamic lights off then turning on error
  • Added another serverside anti lag measure
  • Added yet another clientside light anti lag measure
  • Added glow to the interior's tiny ELS lights
  • Added an icon for the VCMod menu
  • Added icons for all VCMod related items
  • Added all LW, SGM, other new cars with lights
  • Switched SGM bus codes
  • Fixed TDM trailer attaching
  • Fixed vehicles usable after repairing, exploding again.
  • Fixed repair tool right click error
  • Made the health decrease itself only when the vehicle is on fire, not while its smoking
  • All new vehicles are now supported
  • Redone ELS codes to 5 or so vehicles
  • Redone around 20-30 vehicles
  • Added new experimental light modifier object (will see it used more widely later on)

And as any other developer will probably say: there were a hell alot more updates I forgot to write down or they were simply were too minuscule.

Version 1.122 Released 3 years ago

Garrysmod updates are a pain.

This update fixes the errors that appeared before the gmod update an after.

  • Fixed door sounds, used old sound links
  • Fixed the wire pod controller compatibility
  • Fixed support for MH vehicles
  • Added file permissions check for public chatter (blame linux)
  • Fixed error when repair tool is in hands and entered a passenger seat
  • Fixed the NPC not being able to sell on some occasions (probably not completely fixed yet)
  • Fixed the line 73 error. Still have no idea what is causing it, I know it was serverside file failing for some reason, so I now handle all the advanced data processing on client.
  • Fixed the car model load fail (Error SFL 17), still no idea why it does that, but it will not error now.
  • SGM bus codes added
  • Redone 10 or so cars (last update messed up a few of the cars, fixed)
Version 1.121 Released 3 years ago

Quick fix for support:

  • Fixed scars, seats, WAC compatibility
  • Fixed HUD appearing on none VCMod capable cars
  • Fixed support for craphead's scripts
  • Fixed random errors
  • Fixed wire compatibility
  • Removed random ELS from cars

Sorry for the amount of updates, had to roll this one out as soon as possible.

Version 1.121 Released 3 years ago

I kind of messed up the sounds abit with the previous version, sorry about that.

Forgot to remove the experimental VCMod2 sound code.

*Sounds playing for all features repaired

Version 1.12 Released 3 years ago

Hopefully Photon Dev "iSchmal" won't threaten to DMCA VCMod after this update as well. Always fun to fear to update your own work. ;)

Update's sneak peak: Youtube.

New features:

  • Police chatter: streams real life police chatter
    • Auto enables when joined a vehicle with siren's
    • Ability to add your own stations
    • All passengers auto tune in to it
    • Admins can adjust what station it is, what the sound volume is, etc
  • Interior lights: brand new interior section (example: LW Dodge police vehicle)
    • Now proper support for button based interior button lights
    • Proper support for sequence copier lights
  • New ELS HUD:
    • You can see what lights are doing on your HUD now
    • All fully animated ofcourse
  • New HUD: HUD is now its own system, all HUD sections are related to each other
    • Animations: the sections now animated in relation with each other, fancy sequence of each tiny element moving into position
    • 3D look thing has been improved slightly
    • New font's, smaller text, sleeker look
    • When one section is disabled another one takes its place
    • Ability to adjust HUD's height
    • Now you can choose which HUD parts to show which to not
    • Fancy icon in the icon HUD section, displays headlight in blue while high beams are on
  • Health adjustment: Need VCMod Main for this
    • By default all police vehicles only receive 1/2 of the damage all other vehicles receive
    • Can toggle it, adjust how much damage police cars receive from the menu

Some other stuff:

  • Added all the new cars with VCMod features
  • Added glow to all lights
  • New light object: simulated point based 3D (can see on the TDM BMW6 for example)
  • New light object: 3D based rendering (thanks to ISchmal's recent "backstabbing" behavour I don't feel I need to keep this disabled in VCMod anymore)
    New light object: warm interior glow for all lights
  • Fixed Dynamic lights flicker
  • Reduced all lights lag by around 10% with better code
  • Warm glow auto turns off at a distance
  • Made els click and regular click sounds louder
  • All lights change their own size depending on how dark the area surrounding the car is.
  • Added ability to choose who can adjust admin settings
  • Added ability to choose how high the HUD is
  • Redid 30 or so vehicle light's
  • Redid 50 or so vehicle's passenger positions
  • Made all red lights more vivid
  • Added ELS extra glow option
  • Fixed all ELS light see-throughness
  • Serverside code optimized, a bit of lag reduced

And probably forgotten 50 other tiny edits I did.

Version 1.11 Released 3 years ago
  • Fixed random errors
  • Updated the key mapping code to not call commands if another command has the same key, but is used with hold key
  • Updated the key initialize code, should not error now if its an older version of the controls
  • Updated a few cars, still some way to go
Version 1.1 Released 3 years ago

Recoded the entire addon from scratch

  • Redid the whole structure, now data is smaller, more optimized, but holds alot more information
  • Added interior lights, small interior lights to mimmic the outer ones
  • Added codes for lights
  • Added codes for sirens
  • Now supports per bodygroup sequences
  • Added new textures (Thanks to SGM)
  • Redone the sync system, now places players into que before sending data, very effiecient method
  • Reduced ELS light lag by 120%
  • Made the light color warmer
  • Made the inner light color match the outer with increasing its brightness
  • Added a HUD display
  • Added options to turn off the lights and or sirens upon exiting
  • Added ability to choose when the lights should turn off when leaving a vehicle, same goes for siren
  • Dynamic lights detect when its dark or not, to emit them or not. This improved the performance of lights by 120%
  • Redid the sequences on every single vehicle
  • Redone and added new sounds
  • Added a bleep sound when switching any code
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