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Prevent your players from being scared by gross errors

if you don't want to buy it, then just don't
if the picture triggered you, then just leave edition
no this is not just a SetModel call and is more complex than it looks edition

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  • Makes errors look more pleasing
  • Instead of a big red error model you get accurate representations of the model with white outline ( not just boxes )
  • Gets more players to your server
  • Is easy to setup
  • Doesn't require much resources
  • Doesn't require any downloads
  • If the server has a model the client doesn't have, the client will still know how its measurement and fix it up
  • Does it all for a cheap price!

What does this script do?

If a client doesn't have a model it automatically requests the proper physical size of the model from the server and uses that to construct a fitting lookalike replacement box for that model. The addon parses the vertexes of the errored model. It converts them into a procedurally generated mesh which mimics the errored model, thus even allowing complexer shapes to be semi-faithfully recreated. In other words, it's quite complex. However - whether you want these cool errors, or just some other addon which can only create boxes depends on you.

Are there any issues?

Doesn't work for ragdolls and thus also not with playermodels/npc models, also doesn't work for swep viewmodels

How do I install this script?

  • Drag & Drop to your addons folder
  • done

How does it work?

It checks regularly for error models and if there are any new ones it marks them for replacement and then requests the measurements of that object from the server. The server gives it to the client and the client then creates a nice replacement model.

but dude, isn't there a script like this for free already?

There used to be a similar one in 2015 but it's clientside only and its code is really wonky. It doesn't support more complex shapes than boxes and uses ClientsideModels and few hacky solutions. It also relies on the clientsides opinion of a models size instead of the servers one, which is problematic because if the clientside one is an error either way the data is uncompleted/wrong.


Can it reduce lag?

Doesn't this just call setmodel?
nope, just calling setmodel wouldn't cause this script to have dynamically sized models for each specific error model, it's more complex.

I can't speak english, I only know chinese, can you help me anyways? I got google translator
Well you see we always try to help people but if we can't understand you it's kind of hard. We don't know all languages. We'll try to understand you, but if we can't, please don't be mad. Try asking a friend who knows your language and english incase you're having troubles stating your problem.

some errors still don't get replaced!
yeah, ragdolls, some map stuff and maybe some other stuff can't get replaced.

For some reason it doesn't load
I've had a customer with that issue and the reason was he had so many addons that garrysmod struggled to even load any more lua files. You can kinda imagine it like a obese person. If someone eats too much he'll end up fat, slow and have trouble doing lots of everyday things. That's your server, when you feed it too many addons. And if your server has that many addons, weird shit can happen. In an obese person if he's too fat and eats more he just ends up dying or puking. If your server is too fat it will crash randomly and behave weirdly. For example, it might just not load all lua files on your server. Then you wonder why not all stuff loads. Or it might just crash on mapchanges etc. The effects can be anything. And no, putting things in one content pack or folder or something doesn't make it any better. That'd be like feeding a obese person with potatoes instead of fries. He'll still eat up ending the same amount of potato. So be nice to your server - don't force it to be obese. This addon isn't going to make your server less obese, no addon can, only you can help it become slim and fit.

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