Death Enhancement System

This addon brings a bunch of new mechanics to your server that will surely make the game much more entertaining. Its config is easy to use, almost everything is tweakable! To use the main mechanics you'll have to set up a new detective job, though. Players can't abuse the script; they don't get any money from investigating their own corpses (can be turned off).
This addon supports DarkRP only.
This mod doesn't support advanced medic mod / defibrillator mod.

Video showcase (some things may differ a lot)

Recently added features

Latest versions

  • Added French translation
  • Added a respawn timer to the death screen
  • Fixed various issues

1.1.5 / 1.1.4a

  • You can now decide which jobs won't get wanted after killing someone (after someone investigates the body of course).
    EDS.NotWantedJobs = { "SWAT" }
  • Added a config option to hide the victims names.
  • Death screen font color can now be changed separately.

1.1.3 Update

  • Both death screen and low hp effects can be now turned off seperately through the config.

1.1.2 Update

  • Added nice and clean corpse disappearing animation

1.1.1 Update

  • You can now adjust multiple jobs to one ability, for example:
    EDS.HoboJobs = { "Hobo", "Gangster" }

    This will make both hobos and gangsters able to consume corpses lol

1.1 Update

  • Gas can (You can allow players to buy gas canisters on you server. Anyone who used the gas canister can set corpses on fire. Anyone who has an R special ability can't pick up gas cans except for mafia boss; he just won't have to pay money anymore for using his R)
  • Progress bar is now really smooth.


  • New detective job
  • Corpses don't disappear after player's death.
  • Corpses decay after a given amount of time.
  • Corpses can be investigated by the detective (or police if enabled).
  • Corpses can be cleaned up by the medic (if enabled).
  • Hobos can eat the bodies (if enabled).
  • Mafia boss can burn the bodies (if enabled) or anyone who has a gas canister.
  • It's lag free. Every player has its own corpse limit.
  • If a player disconnects his corpses will disappear.
  • Addon doesn't interfere with the default ragdolls etc.
  • Includes a death screen and some "almost dead" effects.
  • Surely makes hitman work more interesting.
  • Config allows you to change every sentence to your own preferences with ease.


Unpack the .zip file and place the enhanced_death_system folder in your /addons folder.


How do I edit the config?
Go into the scripts folder and edit the enhanced_death_config.lua file using any text editor.

Will you add more features?
If anyone requests them, and they're not too demanding then sure.

How can I get your help with the script?
Send me a support ticket.


Thanks to CrAzyxDeAtH1 for translating the script to German!
Thanks to Beno for translating the script to French!

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