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Get your server to the top of the list!

Server vote is an addon that allows server owners to give their members rewards for voting for their server on multiple server lists. Server vote currently supports voting from TopG, Gmod-Servers and Serverpact. Server vote can be set up to give your players any rewards you like through the functions in the config file, by default voting for one server list will give you $500 in DarkRP money and $1,000 for voting on all three sites. These functions can be changed to your liking and if you require help changing these feel free to contact support!


  • An up-to-date Garry's Mod server
  • Nothing else!

Addon Features:

  • Give your players rewards for helping your server
  • Support for developers, add custom rewards
  • Beautiful, completely configurable interface
  • Simple, easy to follow setup instructions
  • Configurable voting NPC
  • Pointshop support!
  • Pointshop 2 support!

Interface Preview:


Configuration Preview:



Edit the config to your liking and upload the servervote folder to your server's addons folder. No need for an apache web server or anything complicated.


Please make sure to follow these instructions carefully. The configuration file has three links at the top, they are written in this order: Gmod Servers, TopG Servers and ServerPact.

Each has a link that corresponds to it, this link is the voting page that the player will visit to vote for your server.

Here is an example of how it is setup for Pixel Community's Clone Wars RP Server.

Setup Commands
The default chat commands for spawning the npc and saving are:

  • /servervotenpc - Spawns the npc
  • /servervotesave - Saves all the npc's and their data.

These chat commands are configurable to your liking.

Refund Policy:

Please read the description of this script carefully as refunds are not accepted.


LUA code done by Smart Like My Shoe
Art, store page and support done by Tom.Bat

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