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Note: Configuration support is not included in this product. All configuration is explained in full detail in the file, with examples. We can answer simple questions, but we are not here to write your configuration files for you.

Note: This script requires you to port forward your server in order for it to work.


bWhitelist Faction Selector is a DLC for bWhitelist which allows server owners to define server factions.

These server factions can be picked which will then place the player on the appropriate team and whitelist/unwhitelist them to appropriate team(s).


Show faction selector on first ever join

Show faction selector on every join

Show faction selector on every spawn

Show faction selector once or on every spawn for specific jobs

Show faction selector once or on every spawn for specific usergroups

Show faction selector on chat command

Show faction selector on console command

Faction images are are downloaded from a URL to prevent issues with custom server content downloading

Customisable selection menu

Unwhitelist from specific jobs on faction selection

Whitelist to specific jobs on faction selection

Customisable menu sounds

And more with your ideas...

Examples of use


Say you have three factions, the US, North Korea and civilians.

You would define the two factions in the config of this script, and then when players either type !faction or join the server as a citizen, they will be presented with a screen to select one of the three factions.

Upon selection, the player would be whitelisted to that faction's appropriate jobs.


If you have an event server, you could set this script up to allow players to choose the team they wish to be on during the event.


  1. Upload the addon to your addons folder
  2. Configure the script in addons/bwhitelist-factions-X/lua/bwhitelist_factions_config.lua


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