Do you ever lose track of who called an admin? Do you ever have more than one admin go to a person? If you answered yes to either of those or you are a server Owner/Developer, then this system is right for you! This system allows you to make sure every player on your server is satisfied. Now you are able to easily define the admins that are slacking at their jobs.

Should work with almost all game modes.


I want to thank and give credit to Elias for the header.

Video Preview

Video coming soon.


  • Latest version of Mysqloo (v9).
  • MySQL Database. (You must setup the database for the script to work.)
  • ULX or Serverguard (In the process of adding more support.)


  • Easy to Use
  • Visually Appealing
  • Easy Targeting
  • Server Friendly
  • Great Support
  • Track Your Admins
  • Admin Rating
  • Easily Translatable
  • Easily able to be re-themed.
  • Sleek Admin Stats
  • Mysqloo Support. (This will only work with it. No other data saving option is available.)

Want new features?

Just create a ticket and I would be more than happy to see if it is a possibility.


Very simple installation.

  • Unzip and drop into the addons folder.
  • Leave a Review!


Q.I added it but nothing shows up?
A.Make sure you have "advancedreporting" in the addons directory. If you do and still have errors create a support ticket.

Q.I have found a bug in the system.
A.Send it to me in a support ticket. I will fix it.

Workshop Content


I am more than happy to help with anything from installation to a new design. Just create a support ticket.

If you are needing help with script errors or other kinds of errors, please open a support ticket.

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