L² Plates - The Perfect Plate System

Ever been driving home from a long day at the office, then get pulled over for not having any license plates? Of course! We aim to solve that. With L² Plates, you can be sure of a safe journey home.


L² Plates was originally developed for Limelight Gaming, and was several years old; we decided to rewrite the plugin to be more efficient, user friendly and generally nicer to look at.


  • 333,135,504 randomly generated plates, using the default format. More than enough for regular servers.
    • If this isn't enough, there's an easy configuration setting to increase this.
  • Per vehicle license plates
    • Every vehicle has a different license plate. No more sharing plates.
  • Extensive developer documentation.
    • We know developers love poking around, so we made it easier with a full set of documentation.
  • Easy Customisation.
    • We know server owners don't love searching for hours to find configuration settings, so we made it easy.
  • Expandable
    • Got a set of cars that nobody else has? They're easy to add with our intuitive system.
  • Varied Gamemode Support
    • Currently supporting DarkRP, CityRP and Sandbox.
    • Got a gamemode that's not supported yet? Feel free to contact us for support to be added!
  • Multiple ways of setting plates.
    • Functions, for developers.
    • F3 menu, for quick changes.
    • NPC, if you want to have a DMV.

Vehicle Support

We know that server owners don't want to waste time configuring things, they just want to get up and go. That's why, out of the box, we support various vehicle packs.

  • Default HL2 Vehicles
  • Lonewolfie's Emergency
  • Lonewolfie's Russian
  • Lonewolfie's Cars
    • Incomplete
  • TDM Commercial
  • TDM Trucks
  • TDM Emergency
  • TDM Cars
    • Incomplete
  • Talon's Vehicles

Got other cars you need support for? They're easy to add, or you can drop us a message.

For Server Owners

"Well, all this is great, but what about for me and my server?"
Well, we're glad you asked. Along with the features listed above, there's a number of other features that make this great for server owners. The ongoing support and ease of installation make using this a dream. Professional support through our team help you with any issues.

For Developers

Not only did we include a full set of documentation, the way the addon is written makes it easy to modify and extend. we've provided a way of changing license plates (F3 whilst looking at your vehicle), but we also have made the methods public. You want to implement a /command? The menu function can be called clientside, so you can do it that way. The functions for setting and getting license plates are public, so you can call those with your own functions.


  1. Unzip the addon file.
  2. Drag/drop into your addons folder.
  3. Add the materials to your content downloads (FastDL/WorkshopDL)
    Workshop Link


For bugs and support, please contact us here on gmodstore, either via a message or a support ticket.


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