After thinking about it I wanted to make something a little more competitive since there are now a lot of prometheus themes out there. I decided to make a homepage, along with revisiting some of my most popular themes and giving them some love.

Ignis chock full with features, features like:

Themes: Ignis comes with 4 true themes, along with some variations for a select few.

  • Umbra (Solstice Edition)
  • Lambent (Solstice Edition)
  • Icarus
  • Caesium
  • Caesium (Nightly)

Home Page (Splash):
Ignis comes with a gorgeous homepage that gives Prometheus a completely new look and feel. This homepage includes these features:

  • Add server information
  • Add Rows of information
  • Add links to each information block
  • Add and change animations to each row
  • Ability to change to multiple layouts, including the legacy layout

With Backstretch you will be able to:

  • Add multiple backgrounds
  • Cycle randomly(or not) through the backgrounds you chose
  • Change the duration and transition time through each background

I revised the traditional header for Prometheus. With this I added the ability to:

  • Add additional header links
  • Add Icons to each header link
  • Revised Sign in / Admin link(s)

It is VERY important you follow all installation instructions carefully, you are MODIFYING the core files of Prometheus, failing to follow instructions could produce errors or temporarily break your Prometheus.

The following files overwritten in your Prometheus when installing this addon.

///Inc Folder

  1. Header.php
  2. Footer.php

///Root Folder (Where Prometheus is installed)

  1. Index.php

To install Ignis please follow the next few steps.

  1. Upload the CONTENTS of the folder "Upload" to where you installed Prometheus.
  2. Edit Ignis_config.php to your liking FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL AT THE TOP OF THE CONFIG
  3. Enjoy!


  1. Download Ignis
  2. Extract Ignis to your desktop
  3. Copy all the CONTENTS of the UPLOAD folder
  4. Paste(or move) all the CONTENTS of the UPLOAD folder into the ROOT of where PROMETHEUS folder
  5. CONFIGURE the addon in ignis/config

If you are still having issues, please submit a support ticket.

Disclaimer: If you do not have a web server set up and prometheus installed I will not answer support tickets.

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