The fastest and easiest *DL System

In-GameDL completely moves downloads from loading time to in-game. No more staring at that loading screen!


Users will be able to join the server almost instantaneously with no FastDL downloads and no Workshop downloads until loaded.

What does this do?

This script moves all downloads from the loading screen, to in-game. Players can play the game while downloading materials, models, and sounds. This allows faster connections to your server and less disconnects from people waiting to long downloading resources.

Why this addon over the alternatives?

In-GameDL prides itself in simplicity. There's only one thing you must setup in the addon before it works. Everything else is automatic and requires no intervention from you.

Almost all the work is done clientside

There will be next to no performance loss on your server. There's literally no downside!

The setup is simple

With only a single step: Get a Steam API Key and place it in the config.

Support will help you along the way

If you can't figure out why something isn't working how you want it, or have an error, you can contact support in tickets. We will be happy to help!

How do I set this up?

When you download, go to the lua/in-game_dl folder and edit the config.lua file, replace STEAM_API_KEY = "" with STEAM_API_KEY = "<YOUR KEY>". You can get your key from

You still need a web server and sv_downloadurl for FastDL compatibility

The addon works by moving downloads from loading screen to in-game. However, for FastDL files to download, it still needs the FastDL convar sv_downloadurl set.

However, you won't need any web servers for workshop only.

After you get your Steam API Key, you need to ensure your sv_downloadurl convar is set to the FastDL link for your server in cfg/server.cfg. This is used clientside to download all the addons needed.

I don't like DRM

No problem! There's no DRM on the latest versions.

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