SimpLAC - Say goodbye to cheaters!


21:40 - KittoniuM | BigPackets: did u breaked nospread
21:40 - KittoniuM | BigPackets: W T F?

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SimpLAC - Catch cheaters!
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What makes this different from the competition?

SimpLAC is fully coded from scratch, and should catch lots of hacks (Lua or C++). Using new detection methods, SimpLAC is able to detect more than just Lua hacks, in turn, keeping more cheaters off of your servers.

How does it impact server performance?

SimpLAC is written to be lightweight and have minimal server impact. The main goal is to keep your server hacker-free and running smooth.


  • No FPS impact, at all!
  • Easy to install, drag & drop
  • Doesn't need any configuration
  • Doesn't differentiate between lua and C++ cheats :)
  • Breaks all nospread

What are some cheats it could detectz?

  • Citizen Hack
  • Big Packets
  • Odium
  • Friendly Hack
  • Aimware
  • Aimjunkies

What do I need to run SimpLAC?

Just a server! It is as easy as extracting the addon, dropping it into your addons folder, and restarting your server.

Where are cheater logs

In your servers data/simplac/ folder

I have issue/false detections!

Look in data/simplac/ and disable the affected detection. Then (MAYBE) make a support ticket or add me on steam and PLEASE include the log. Tickrates other than default /can/ cause issues. If it's about a detection, disable the affected detection for now (that's why the settings are there) and write a ticket INCLUDING the log.


This doesn't detect just for loading the cheat, you gotta use it e.g. bhop or shit to get banned

what will it not detect

Only clientside shit such as rendering dicks on your screen or clientside only noclip or ESP (aka, clientside shit) does not affect the server and as such can not be detected. Attempts to detect such would be entirely based on behaviour scans.

Will this detect EPIC EXPLOIT L33T KIT 1337

no it fucking won't, because exploits are caused by YOU using EXPLOITEABLE addons.
Most of you server owners put random shit on your server and wonder why you end up getting exploited - it's your fault.

Using too many random addons is the same as if you were running millions of random executeables and wondering why you're getting viruses. And yes, even with a antivirus you WOULD get viruses that way.


If you have any problems, open a ticket.

dude you'll totally abandon the script

if you previously bought a abandoned script of mine just contact me and you might get a new one for free, so dont cry


Settings are in settings_simplicityac.lua
Simplac.settings.bantime = 0 -- Permanent
Simplac.settings.banreason = "Cheating"

Simplac.settings.testmode = true -- test mode (disable bans)

Simplac.settings.AutofireCheck1 = true -- AF = Autofire toggle check
Simplac.settings.AutofireCheck2 = true -- AF2 = Autofire toggle check 2
Simplac.settings.BhopCheck = true --BH = Bunnyhop check
Simplac.settings.Aimbot_NCheck = true -- AN = Aimbot check (also against aimbots etc. )

Hooks (for Devs)

current hooks:

  • ("Simplac.Log.Handler", nil, unpack(args))
  • ( "Simplac.PlayerViolation", nil, ply, ident, violation )

part of TOS:
Your access can get removed if;

  • you're a cheater
  • you're being dumb
  • you're leaking it
  • you bought it to help cheaters improve their cheats
  • you are a cheater trying to improve his/her cheat
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