Backgrounds aren't included anymore, Read the FAQ thread to add your own. Having no/black background on a theme isn't an issue.

Youtube videos may stop auto-playing due to a policy being put into full effect (



  • The ability to full read the installation down below
  • PHP 7.0+ (along with some extensions)

    • BCMath
    • Bzip2 (not used atm, but possibly in future cases)
    • cURL
    • JSON
    • Mcrypt (actually optional, oops)
    • Multibyte String aka Mbstring
    • MySQLi (PDO will be used in rewrite, so this could change)
    • XML
    • Zip (needed to install updates)
    • If there are any that I missed, please tell me ASAP. Your webhosts should all have these already.
  • Webserver with read/write access
  • MySQL Server
  • Steam API key


Dumb 30 sec requirement checker 

  1. Save as some php file e.g. k_load_checker.php
  2. Upload to webserver and visit and hope you get green


  1. Create a file called phpinfo.php
  2. Place <?php phpinfo(); inside it
  3. Upload to your webserver and visit the file
  4. You should see something similar to this (I'm running PHP 7.1)

"Oh no, not another loading screen". Yup, you got me...except it's this loading screen is meant to last. K-Load was made with the purpose of providing a structure allowing users to customize their loading screen to the point where they can choose who is banned from even viewing the loading screen! It has all the features loading screens in the past have plus more. I will say as this is my first release, there may be heavy changes depending on the feedback from you guys.

  • Gamemode Specific
    • Backgrounds/Slideshow
    • Messages
    • Rules
    • Staff
  • Themes
    • JS 'Framework' e.g. add class="server-name" to an element and it'll automatically insert the server name
      • extend functions without having to change the core files
    • Twig Templating
      • Create your own templates by creating the HTML & CSS and using the variables such as {{ user.personaname }}
    • List
  • Admin Panel
    • Managing of Users (Ban, Make Admin, Assign Perms)
    • Semi-Automatic Updates (you gotta copy the files over to run the updater)
  • Player Panel
    • Choose from defined loading screen themes
    • Customize backgrounds/slideshow settings
    • Choose your own music to play (via YouTube)
    • Input your own CSS to style the theme even further
  • Community Name
  • Description
  • Addons (will be discussed)
  • Music (thought YouTube)
  • Fast

Player Settings

Copying a Player's Settings / Banning a Player

1. Download from GMS (VERY IMPORTANT) (

2. Extract the zip

  • this should be a folder to upload e.g k-load / load / loading / loadingscreen
  • if you have a subdomain e.g., you can upload it to root

3. Upload to your webserver either as a folder or to the root of your webspace so it's accessible by either or

4. Create a database and user account which has access to the database (phpmyadmin makes this very easy)

5. Open up the loading screen in your browser, it'll redirect you to the install page.

6. Follow the instructions and run the install.

7. Go through the admin panel and setup everything you want to setup.

8. Edit your server.cfg and add/change sv_loadingurl ""

7. You're done!

Credits (in no particular order)

  • Marcuz
  • Josh0nat0r (SimpleCache)
  • Lunaversity
  • Threebow
  • Beast (can't even pull up)
  • Atlas
  • Nookyava
  • Trixter (emotional support)
  • Ben
  • Owain (moral support)
  • Nobody (for being nobody)
  • Other nigs on the GMS discord that I can't remember rn (sorry,

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