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Why not just RT cameras?

We are tired of this nonsense with GMOD's huge cartoony film cameras used as something serious. With turned off collisions or just made invisible which is unrealistic and non-rp.

You too? - Then we have something to offer you - Realistic Remote Hidden Cameras! No more silly no-collide and full transparency - everything is real!


I also recommend everyone to watch these popular videos of a great youtuber!

3D models preview below:

Main List of Features:

  • You place little cameras, no freezing, cameras are not static. They can be attached to dynamic props or even cars.
  • If you place it in too obvious places and someone finds it, he can destroy your camera.
  • The camera is a world entity, no unrealistic moving with a physgun and no cheating toolgun manipulatons. Only one simple and fair rule - if an enemy finds it, he destroys it.
  • You have a remote tablet SWEP to sneek using your multiple cameras. Maximum camera number for 1 player is configurable.
  • In your remote tablet, you can enter the Control Mode and rotate the camera around, zoom in and out!
  • Easy switching between your cameras just with a mouse click, and easy removing with the X button.
  • You can place the camera pretty much anywhere.
  • A high quality 3D SWEP model, a special thing is realistic specularity-mapped fingerprints on the screen's glass. Custom mini-camera 3D model.
  • Tested on a real server in real conditions.


  • Just like always simply drag'n'drop it to your addons folder.
  • Content should be downloaded automatically from workshop.
  • If you need an actual workshop page, here is the link!
  • Config placement is at hidcams/sh_config.lua
  • There is an important thing to know - frame limit will make resource load be non significant, however sometimes your flashlight's flickering may occur because of this. If you disable frame limit, there will be no such things, but you may experience some load on a huge map or with a big amount of cameras.
    frame limit


If you'll ever encounter any issues, please post a ticket and George will surely help you as soon as possible!


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