No this does not fix your bad aim

if you don't want to buy it, then just don't
if the picture triggered you, then just leave edition
no this does not allow lag switches edition
yes this does work with M9K and CW2, on my listen server at least

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LeyHitreg - No more fake hits!

What makes this different from the competition

It's been developed by a well-reputated coder with 10 years of experience who will address the stupid ways people try to come up with to break it.

How does this impact server performance

I've been using it on my servers for a while and haven't experienced any performance impacts.


-No FPS impact, at all!
-Easy to install
-Doesn't break custom SWEPS
-Works with HL2 weapons
-Works with custom damage scaling

What are situations in which this might help me

If you have a low tickrate server or a player lags or generally your server is known for fake hits.
This will prevent the situations where your bullet hits (blood comes out of someones head) yet the bullet doesn't register. It'll most likely benefit all players with a ping over 50.

How do I install this?

  • Unzip it to your servers addons/ folder so you have addons/leyhitreg/
  • optional: change the option in cl_leyhitreg.lua/sv_leyhitreg.lua to something random, both have to be the same though to enhance security

I have a issue/complaint!

Then make a ticket. If you don't make a ticket, I won't be able to assist you.


If no blood comes out your bullet defo missed. No point blaming hit registration. Your hits aren't decided by your skill alone, but also by your spread/recoil and thus luck.

How does it work

Normally the game sends a packet to the server saying he wants to shoot a bullet and the entire hit registration/confirmation is done serverside, while the client tries to determine whether he hit/not using his own view of the game based on his tick. The server uses some meme to rollback depending on how much the user lagged etc. - lagpred memes. The issue is, predicting where a user might've shot doesn't always work.
That's the issue this addon tackles. To solve this, the client instead tells the server whether whether his shot was a hit/miss and where he shot. This solves the issue pretty much. The server also has confirmations, like checking whether the player is trying to shoot from a invalid position, or trying to shoot someone he can't see etc. to avoid meme exploitation. To avoid lag from making your bullets not fire there's queueing and coolout memes.

What about purchasers of abandoned scripts?

Users of abandoned ley TM scripts can get one script for free


LeyHitreg.SecurityCheckBulletPos = true -- confirm the bullet position
LeyHitreg.SecurityCheckVisibility = true -- confirm whether the player can see his target

local option_customnetmsg = "nocheatinghere" -- if you change this, do so in both files

LeyHitreg.SecurityCheckBulletMaxDist = 600 -- NOT visibility its for bullet confirmation

LeyHitreg.EnableLagComp = true -- lag compensation enabled?


none atm, if you need some hmu

part of TOS:
Your access can get removed if;

  • you're being dumb
  • you're leaking/leaked shit
  • you're buying this to try to find exploits
  • you're buying this to try to help someone find exploits
  • you're a cheater


"I'm getting errors about something not being visible!" -> that's usually caused by certain playermodels.

Try setting the vischeck to false

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