Now supports Bitminers 2

What does it do?

It's a cryptocurrency market where you buy/sell cryptocurrencies.
It works exactly like you'd expect from a stock market and it's based on real data from Coinmarketcap


  • Based on real cryptocurrency prices.
  • Can be opened through an NPC and/or chat command.
  • Supports DarkRP money and Pointshop 2.
  • Works on any gamemode, as long as you have Pointshop 2
  • Buy and sell any top 100 (can be changed) coins
  • Bitminers 2 support, any Bitcoin 'sold' in the Bitminers terminal screen can be transfered to your cryptocurrency wallet by config
  • Translation support.
    • English, Danish & French right now. You can translate to your own language if desired.
  • MySQL and SQLite support
  • Filter based on what criteria you want
    • Marketcap rank
    • Name
    • Price
    • Change % last 24 hours
    • How much you own of that coin
  • Search bar to search based off name or coin symbol
  • Prices are updated every minute by default
  • Data provided by the most trusted cryptocurrency market cap provider, Coinmarketcap
  • Portfolio tab.
    • Shows your investments and your total USD balance of your portfolio.
    • Shows transaction history.
  • Provides a third party cryptocurrency API for developer to integrate crypto payments with.

Spawn NPC

Be a superadmin and type !spawncryptos in chat. It will spawn on your current position and angles.

Planned features

  • Show more detailed information in the portfolio tab, and add details over how well you're doing.
  • Your suggestions :)


I'll try to alter the script based on suggestions


Not much to configure for now, will add more if you have any suggestions.
Config can be found here


Just drag both folders into your addons folder.

Config file can be found at icarus_crypto_stocks/lua/icarus_crypto_stocks/config/config.lua


Open a ticket and I'll help you as soon as possible

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